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Sos Sos , what would be the alternative to marshall gear?


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@Arheundel.6451 said:

@"Vivilett.8509" said:Hmm I tried and looked for the insignia and can't find it. From the crafting vendor at lions

Ill do more research

; it's a discovery insignia with pretty cheap to buy MATS

Thank you all I need is laurels lol ... would Celestial work or the stats too low and just stick to playing my other ascended toons


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Cele stats are harder to get by because of time gated mats with the point of power channeling and about the difference, you can surely build a full cele ele but you can't have a full marshal ( 11k HP and no toughness), a mix of cele/marshal is ideal, remembering that : head-torso and legs provide the most stat

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