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Slikears the Fierce bounty needs nerf!!!

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As title says!It is Desert Highlands bounty - Slikears the Fierce.It cannot be completed. We have tried many times (3-4 tries) now varying like from 20-40 ppl and simply cannot kill it in time - is like it has <10% HP always left when time always runs out.Last try today we had it even cornered so it didnt run around much and almost same amount HP left as with other tries when time runs out.It is last bounty for me in desert areas which simply cannot be completed.Ty.

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Never had trouble killing it... i mean it's tedious, but i've never been in a train that has failed it.

Break bar using cc as much as you can - it can help that commander/someone both tells people to use ccs AND say what ccs are. lots of people don't know they break the bars and that breaking bars is important - myself, i have a copypaste explaining it and listing all ccs.

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Honestly, some of the mechanics seem a bit overtuned. Not to the point of impossibility, but certainly to the point where they are more annoying than fun.

Silkears. The boss moves around too much. When paired with some of the mechanics like phase shifted it becomes unreasonably difficult to succeed. In fact, the boss moves so much that you literally mount up mid-fight because he will run that far out of range! I think we could tone that down a bit.

Diwaana. Pulsing blind and weakness paired with plenty of stuns. That would all be just fine if the boss didn't tunnel underground and pop up out of range every 20 seconds! Do you think we could at least bump the cooldown on that ability up a bit or slow down on the blind/weakness spam? Again, not remotely impossible...just unnecessarily annoying mechanics.

Butch. I don't know if it's just the scaling on this fight or what, but there seem to be a few too many adds spawning and they give the boss such a ridiculous amount of barrier that it puts the difficulty level of this fight above most of the legendary bosses!

Yasia Glacierfalls. I don't understand the mechanics of this boss yet, but she does something that seems to cut your damage in half while healing herself? It's like killing a brick wall! I've noticed the djinn bosses seem to share this damage mitigation, but this one in particular is just tough as nails to deal any damage to. Paired with unstable magic, she's quite obnoxious.

Morg. There's nothing wrong with this fight. In fact, it's totally solo-able and probably below average difficulty. The trouble is it's completely broken! Your only chance of winning this fight is dumb luck. When will he decide to bug out and dig a hole to China before resetting the fight? Will it be at 90% this time? Or will it happen at 5%, just as you thought you were going to actually win!

Muckstalker. Another that seems bugged. He frequently displays a defiance bar and begins to heal himself. The trouble is that when you break the bar it simply resets instantly and he begins healing himself again. I am pretty sure that's not how this is supposed to work?

Ignis. Just incredibly overpowered compared to other champion bounties. He should be a legendary boss.

Suneh Stormbringer. As best I can tell, this boss generates jacaranda seedlings in huge numbers. That's okay. Other bosses do something similar. The problem with these seedlings is that all 4 million of them drop lightning circles...and they can stack them! This one is like Ignis. It's easily tough enough to be a legendary boss.

Again, I'm not saying these guys are impossible. I've beaten all of the bounties before. It just seems like these bosses have mechanics that are quite obviously overtuned compared to the other bounties.

Also, the Restorer buff heals for far too much. Yes, you can still beat a bounty that has it with a small group (I even have a video of my channel of soloing the first 50%+, then duo the rest against the chaotic leyspark bounty), but it will heal the boss for 3 or 4 times its normal health total over the duration of the fight. I have to wonder if that's strictly necessary?

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