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How much time does it take to unlock all masteries?

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If your goal is to rush down all Masteries, then there are a few factors. Regarding HoT masteries, the time it could take can vary, because some Mastery Points require completion of the Adventures, which can take an inconsistent amount of time to complete based on the adventure. Some are extraordinarily difficult, while others are a complete cakewalk. Note that not every adventure needs to be completed Gold to unlock all Masteries, but the other options for Mastery points are behind possibly more difficult activities, EG Raiding. Experience is not an issue here, as Dragon's Stand will net you a hefty chunk, if not outright all that you need for whatever mastery you're going for.

The PoF Masteries are a bit simpler to obtain. Most are now from simple channels or odd tasks that need to be completed. Some points are, however, incredibly time consuming (I can think of one in the Desolation that's just annoyance incarnate, it seems), while others are simply Simon Says. All in all, when I was maxing my Griffon Mastery, I needed about twelve more points. I buckled down for one evening and rush around all the maps finding any points I could get, and managed it within that evening. Getting the experience was another story, though, but doing a few bounties and just generally doing stuff got me the experience quickly enough.

All-in-all, there's no clear-cut answer. You can rush for the points, but then you'll be hurting for experience; and you can't rush experience, cuz you'll cap out way too quickly before you get all the points. I suppose, ultimately, the best option for speed is to still just rush the points. Experience comes as it does, but the points are located specifically, so that'd be the larger gate. Depending on how well you know the maps, how good you are at adventures for HoT, and what method you use for gaining experience, the time it would take would be based on all those factors.

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I think people that rushed it had all HoT masteries maxed within a week. For PoF, I think people had them maxed within a couple days. This is likely with constant playing so the hours may be closer to 15/day but that’s just guessing. It’ll vary depending on how efficient you are at grinding XP as well as earning mastery points.

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It took me a little over 1.5 years to max out my masteries. Just finished making out core tyria last week. The reason it took so long is that I mainly only did pvp for about a year of that.

I causally did the HOT maps and only got the masteries if they were along the way of what I was doing. Once POF came out I really wanted to max out all the mounts. So I did all of those masteries in a couple weeks.

Then went back to pvp for a while. Then decided I wanted to make a gen 2 legendary only to realize I need to max out HOT and get more tyria masteries. So I spent about 3 weeks grinding those masteries. I needed 50 more HOT masteries and 8 more core tyria when I started grind.

Then I decided I just wanted to max out the rest of Cote tyria and spent another week doing that.

POF is by far the easiest to max out in my experience. HOT definitely has the most to max out, but there are plenty of points so you can skip the super difficult/annoying ones. I found core tyria the most difficult and time consuming per point out of the three.

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