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TC guild that's appropriate for a teen


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World only matters for WvW. For PvE & PvP, the guild can be based on any world.

When you say your current guild is "not quite right for a teen," can you be more specific? I know a fair number of teens and the range of what's sensible varies wildly (not to mention the views on the topic by their parents and grandparents). For example, which of these are relevant to your concern:

  • Cursing (of any sort)?
  • Virulence of trash talk? (some people are incautious with their choices of metaphors or drawing the line between signifying and attacking)
  • Support of fellow guildies? (some guilds are very supportive, some ... expect you to sink or swim on your own and catch up when you're good enough).
  • Topics of discussion? (some guilds allow chat about politics, religion, sex... and not everyone is comfortable around that, or being around a grandparent or grandkid while it's being discussed)
  • And of course it might be any of a number of other things.
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Hello Roxianna, in our guild The Phantom Rose [TPR] our members are mostly free to talk about what they want. However, seeing how controversial are topics like religion and politics can be, we have separate Channel for it called "Controversial Topics," which is separate from our regular chat. If you're alright with that then I encourage you to give us a try :) here are links to our post forum and our website.Forum post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/26345/na-the-phantom-rose-tpr#latestwebsite: https://thephantomrose.weebly.com/

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