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Best way to find a contested Temple of Dwayna?

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I admit I've not been doing this long, I only really started trying to do the temple events last night. But in that time I've been able to find maps where all 4 other temples are contested, complete the event chain (not solo) and cleanse the temple - which got me 4/5 items I need for the Dreamer III collection.

But not Dwayna. I'm told I narrowly missed the event once, because it happened at the same time I was doing the Balthazar temple event, and I've seen the defend event start once - 3 people completed most of it, I jumped in at the end when it was obvious it wouldn't fail and got gold reward and a chest from the boss but it did not drop the item I need for the Dreamer, contrary to rumours I'd seen online.

Things I've tried:

  • Waiting on the map for the temple to reset (1.5 hours last night, 1 hour so far this morning)
  • Logging out and back in to try to switch maps
  • Switching guilds and then logging out and back in to try and get into a different copy of the map via being grouped with guild members
  • Asking my guilds to tell me if they see the temple contested
  • Looking for both party and squad messages in LFG
  • Creating a message in LFG looking for a contested temple

Is there anything else I've forgotten to try?

Edit: The other defend event (Risen Lieutenant, not the Priestess) started, but people decided someone who wanted the karma merchant took priority and killed it. Or maybe I didn't push hard enough because asking people to deliberately let an event fail feels absolutely wrong, but it seems like the only way.

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I did it!

Guess what worked? Guesting. Remember that?

I guested from Desolation to Blackgate (so from a full server to a medium pop one) and it put me in a different copy of the map where not only was the temple contested but the event to capture it was just starting. So I was able to complete it, fight the statue and get the Dream of Dwayna.

I assume the fact that it dropped me into exactly the type of map I needed was blind luck. But it seems like for things where LFG doesn't get any results guesting is the best way to switch to another copy of the map.

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Glad you found what you needed so quickly.

For others interested in finding contested temples and/or dealing with stalled events that are blocking various collections, here's a list of techniques. The easiest way to take advantage of any of them: park a character in the zone, near the start or near the end of the chain that interests you and swap to it, whenever you have a spare minute to check.

Specific to Orr
  • [NA] Brother Drake and [RPcd] (the roleplaying guild) cleanse Orr most Sundays.
  • Weekends are generally better than weekdays.
Generic for Any Map
  • Right after a game update, all event chains are reset (including Orrian temples)
  • Right after a meta or world boss event, if the map has one. In game, use /wiki et to find the wiki's event timer (also: [gw2 timer.com](http://gw2 timer.com), among other sites)
  • Right after a Side Story event chain (applies to a variety of maps, although not Orr); these tend to generate extra instances, which spawn with reset event chains.
  • On days when the map is the target of a daily (e.g. 4-events in the zone)
  • Guesting: generally, sort by server status and pick one of the 'full' ones (if for no other reason than you can't accidental move to the server instead of guesting — unfortunately, to this day, there are more warnings to 'guest' than there are to 'move')
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