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"Due to inactivity, you are no longer participating in..."

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I keep getting messages pop up in Verdant Brink about being inactive on certain events, and no longer being counted as participating. The really annoying thing is it's happening AS I participate in them. So I'm not sure why. Examples such as being told I'm not inactive on the Patriarch, even though we're in the "drop eggs on the shield" phase, or taking out the pact vigilantes to save the sylvari and being told I'm in active while I'm in the middle of laying down some hurt on a veteran.

What's even MORE annoying is that last one is stopping me from completing Pact Camper achievement. It's the only stage of the achievement I need to do but every time I try, I get an "inactive" message and no credit for it.

It happens throughout every meta event. Sometimes it pops up after the event is complete, which is odd. Sometimes it pops up during the middle. The only thing linking them is that I'm never inactive.

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@chrisjfinlay.5614 said:

@"Matuno.3607" said:This happened to me too during the map's meta events, odd. Do you also get storyline disconnects by chance?

Do you mean getting DC'd during the personal story? In that case, no.

I have also gotten a number of those inactivity alerts, including one while downed but actively hurting things with my "downed" skills.

I have absolutely zero problems with storyline disconnects. Whatever the cause, they are not of a common cause.

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