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I’ve had this legendary for a few years now and all I can say is it’s boring.

The special effect of bubbles around you is barely noticeable especially when moving.You barely notice the bubbles when you have rime-rimmed mariner’s rebreather on (also this aqua breather should be a skin)There’s no special effects when attacking whatever you do with it.Projectiles are still the same as normal.It looks like a bunch of slime eels.

Please can this expensive underwater legendary receive some attention. Both other underwater legendary weapons have either unique projectiles or unique animations on attack (sharks) as well as being much more legendary looking for the most part.

Edit: The bubbles effect is also barely noticeable when you have aurora too. Put simply there’s a lot of light blue/light purple aura effects currently in the game where Kraitkins bubble just blur into obscurity.

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