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A proposal for Dagger MH and OH on BASELINE Rev

Kain Francois.4328

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Theme: Simply put, daggers have always matched Revenant. According to datamines, we were even supposed to get Daggers with the base class.They match Shiro, who himself is an assassin. His Heal Skill is Enchanted Daggers, which is derived from the floating throwing knives used by Shiro'Ken Assassins.But more importantly, I want to use Claw of the Khan-Ur with Renegade. How could they introduce a legendary weapon that so closely resembles the motif of our elite spec, but not let us use that? That must mean we need daggers on the baseline profession!

Why Revenant: Ever since release, Revenant has been lacking weapon variety. Despite being marketed as a heavy condi class during the earliest HoT betas, our only real condi weapon is Mace. This left us in an awkward place for ranged fights, since we were forced into using hammer.Revenant has always lacked a ranged condi weapon until the introduction of Shortbow. However, Shortbow is not only gated behind Renegade, but generally unideal for a number of scenarios.

Introducing dagger MH and OH to the Revenant as a heavy condi focused ranged weapon is a great opportunity to fill in a missing void to the base class.Addressing our DPS rotation: condi rev rotation for raids has degenerated into spamming Mace #2 and #3 off cooldown with our maintained elites. Some rotations have tried to spice it up with weapon swapping to shortbow, but shortbow is ineffective against smaller hitbox bosses.SC's recent statement on renegade:

Shortbow + mace/axe Renegade is your go-to build on most of the encounters, but still remains fairly hard to outperform standard mace/axe build on hitboxes like Sabetha’s due toSevenshot mechanic.You can finally bring shortbow to that ranged Deimos though.

What the rotation needs is a new "swap weapon" for the times Shortbow would not be ideal.

Ideally, we also need a true condi offhand, and OH Dagger is again a great opportunity for that.

Offhand Competition with Axe: As it currently stands, Axe is not used in the condi dps rotation, but for CC in PvE, and for bypassing block in PvP. It is a hybrid weapon used for blinking and pulls, and should be treated as such. Meanwhile, Condi Dagger OH can fulfill the rightful spot of a Condi OH.

MH Competition with Shortbow: If Dagger becomes the new ranged condi option, there may still be place for balance with Shortbow. Dagger MH can establish itself as the superior swap-weapon for smaller single-target bosses like Sabetha, whereas Shortbow could be superior on larger hitbox bosses and for cleaving multiple foes. Furthermore, Shortbow brings a hard-CC with its SB#5 skill. This way, both weapon choices have their place and neither will fae into irrelevence. (I suggest buffing Scattershot to ensure this remains balanced.) Also, I would suggest making Dagger 900 Range, and finally establishing Shortbow as 1200 range.

Proposed Moveset: As stated above, the role of Daggers should be to give us a ranged condi option that increases DPS when Shortbow is not an option. This means that the autoattack of Dagger must be weaker than autoattack of Mace, while giving it a burst that would necessitate wapping to it every 10s. Dagger should also still be viable for a Power user that imply doesn't have patience for the slow speed of Hammer.


Similar to sword mh, it focuses on doing higher damage to an isolated foe, except this is the condi iteration at range. The main gimmick is being able to set up daggers that will only travel once triggered, allowing the dagger MH to intimidate foes with the setup for a rather large burst that they can trigger at almost any time.

  • Dagger #1: Throw a dagger. Applies Poison on hit. (Applications in PvP to put pressure on foes. Otherwise it is insignificant.)
  • Dagger #2: Ground Target. Revenant throws an undetermined amount of daggers through a rift. Another rift manifests at targeted location and rapidly shoots up to 15 projectiles at foes. Applies torment each hit. (Works similar to Icerazor's Ire. Foe must be isolated to do max damage, otherwise it alternates.)
  • Dagger #3: Ammunition of 5. Throw 3 daggers in front of you which freeze in place for 25 seconds. All thrown daggers will activate early if you swap legends or swap weapons. Each dagger inflicts 1 stack of torment (Za Warudo!!!)


The objective of Dagger OH is to restore old functionality to the Revenant as it was once intended to do, such as the ability to transfer conditions, and to bring back removed skills from the Sword OH.

  • Dagger #4: Revenant slices infront of itelf to create a rift at target foe location. After a few seconds, the rift collapses, transferring 2 conditions and dealing heavy power damage. (Alternate to sword offhand in Power, utility in Condi. Works similar to Putrid Mark, so only first foe struck gets the bulk of conditions. The delayed Rift ensures there is healthy counterplay, such as stripping resistance, and dodging. Use with Pain Absorption to draw condis from allies and transfer to foes.)
  • Dagger #5-1: Block for 2s. If attacked, gain resistance. Can press button again to use Dagger#5-2. (A buffed version of the old Sword OH block. )
  • Dagger #5-2: Throw a dagger piercing through the mists at a foe, connecting them to yourself. Shadowstep backward and pull them towards you. Applies torment. (Functions like the old Sword #5, but with more range and torment.)

Anyway, I hope people like these propoals, and someday we will be able to use Claw of the Khan-Ur with Renegade.If you have any ideas for the dagger kits, post em too!

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I'm curious for people's ideas to improve the kit. In particular, I'm worried Offhand Dagger isn't strong enough at applying conditions, since the only source is the Dagger #5 flipover skill.

The Dagger #3 was inspired by Dio Brando's timestop knife throw:

Revenants are already basically like Stand users, so I thought it'd be fitting to throw in a JoJo reference. Besides, the idea simply suits a knife thrower really well.

Still, I'm unsure of the proposed implementation. Suggestions appreciated!

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