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  1. Last post because litterally nothing I say will make you not kittening defend this dumb design. Power herald was not broken lol, maybe to people who didn't know what warrior or thief was sure. It could be super good and had engaging gameplay; Something many other classes lack in feel and now its slow and boring and outplayed by pretty much any high mobility power build. The changes made hit condi-herald harder because it leaned more on resistance than renegade or core; Needed it more for the condi-herald to work. It doesn't and power doesn't really either not alone anyhow, as a solo roamer
  2. No I didn't say condi did, my entire point was that power herald has suffered and it pushed people to embrace condi-herald. Once they ruined its flow most power heralds left; The notable ones dropped it in favor of other classes or quit. Condi only recently was whacked with a nerf bat; After two or so years of dominance. but these recent changes/nerfs to condi herald were extreme, it didn't need to be done like this. It could of retained is condition resistance/bounce back playstyle and merely been toned down to give it a niche. Infact leaving condition herald in its position while toning
  3. Swords are power weapons. At least for rev.
  4. ^ From war eternal ^ From the February balance patch notes, now pair them with the recent changes and it just gets so much worse.
  5. Whoever told you it was dagger/dagger rev is a legit clown, we don't have that weapon (Yet) lmfao. It was not rev, the closest you will get is sword/sword and you can't support with that weapon. Its either soul-beast or tempest, unless its a meme scourge build.
  6. Id be extremely surprised if it was scourge, necromancer daggers are hot garbage. Tempest maybe, likely. Could it be boon-thief running condi rather than power on a meme dagger/dagger build? Im not sure what else it could be in all honestly. There was a time where condi-reflect spellbreaker duel daggers was a solid build for support because full counter just copied condi's onto people and daggers ripped their boons off. But in all honestly I dunno.... Soulbeast?
  7. You sure it was for rev and not spellbreaker?
  8. You care if condi core, or condi ren get nerfed. You yourself admitted you dont play or care, like or dislike power but its not within your scope or concern. Im sure if they nuked the power side of revenant from orbit; Which they likely might because it seems more and more they are trying to entice people to go condition damage on it you'd be just fine. Im beginning to doubt the next legend wont be a condition damage build; Just seems unlikely to me. I remember when Condi rev was a meme and couldn't function because it was outclassed by virtually everything, ironic in the grand-scheme of thing
  9. Because it typically doesn't, herald has to try waaaaay harder to do what ren can do. Renegade is easier to play (not trying to be offensive) and is stronger in terms of damage and self sufficiency. It also doesn't have to be in melee range at all; It literally just camps shortbow and bursts down everything. Not very intuitive or skill demanding in terms of gameplay, it doesn't need to be fast and it doesn't need to be concerned with anything Herald has (Condi-herald might of been a tad different. Which is likely why Ren's are screeeeing with happiness now that its been murdered.) Power herald
  10. yes you beat me on a renegade, which is superior to herald. I hit you with a full burst rotation and it did absolutely nothing; Barely scratched you in any form and you pew-pew'd me while camping shortbow. If condition herald is degenerative then renegade is too; Camping one weapon and getting those kind of results? Like why even have another spec, or portion of the class as I Said before just remove rev and repurpose it to be the renegade. Herald Is NOT in a good place and feels like crap compared to what it felt like prior (Power) and while condi herald is dead in the water, it shouldn't be.
  11. Simple. early fractals. Its a five man instance so you can see/do the content with a few friends; Nothing Major.
  12. eh like a 45% with like three stars? While the game has the best combat, the PvE is lack-luster and basically the same as any other game. The PvP was where this game used to shine but it and WvW have been abandoned and left to rot, they've introduced modes with no intention of up-keep and are so tone death that they thought TWICE in this games life-span that living world could carry this. The new players I brought to the game wont stick to it, and often leave because core is not fun and the expansions are so different from one another they feel like three separate games. The armor is mostly pr
  13. I want some celtic stuff, like a kilt and other such things. Would be nice to embrace my inner highlander, considering for honor chased me off with their horrid content.
  14. And yet it still pales in comparison to what the rest of the cast, and renegade do. Doesn't feel very "Elite" to me.
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