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  1. Waiting to see if its worth it, I wont bother with fishing or boats. So to me that content is worthless and not worth a price tag~ Im waiting on E-specs as thats the only content at this stage that I care about.
  2. I have little faith that it'll be anything neat.
  3. Not my fault that it brings nothing new, fishing and boating? Lmfao... yea ok. Not worth the price. The only saving grace will be the specs and that depends on what they are; If the classes I play dont get specs I think I'll like then whats the point?
  4. The icon has what looks like the guild wars 1 ritualist Icon in the center of it. So I might as well just delete my rev at this point because clearly they are gonna give into the "MAH RITUALIST" bull which is already covered by the renegade. Whatever... shouldn't of expected anything I'd like lol.
  5. Well clearly the same thing as most jaded vet's at this point. "This is it?" the reveal should've been something WAY more interesting and instead we get some lukewarm boat/fishing stuff. (NOTHING better be locked behind those masteries, as I have no interest in doing them.) And a mount which is at this point just a patch content addition to the game. (Roller beetle and skyscale both came out in patches of their own.) We've only seen the messmer spec, which wont inspire me to make one. So holding out on buying until I see rev/war/ranger because looking at the necromancer its gonna be a hard
  6. Likely wont buy it if what it currently has is all there is. Haven't played in a while jumped in to run around a bit; But my hype is dead and I have little hope. Honestly its just a living world pack at this point; Nothing about it screams expansion to me. (Outside of new specs.)
  7. Never. Clearly never. If it were to happen it would of been now and it would of been for the announcement which was luke warm; So don't expect anything. The bird people at this stage should just be wiped out by some existential threat so they cease to exist. Heck... give me the option and I'll do it myself so I Can at least say "Well my dream died by my own hand."
  8. Because Guild halls exist and guilds should be the defacto "player housing" encouraging players to join a guild so they can customize their own space in it, and make it so guild halls have more to them than what they currently do. Personally the boating and fishing to me isn't even a factor into the expansion and isn't going to sell it to me. So far I likely wont buy (Based on what we've seen thus far.) As I suspected I'll be either in it for the E-specs or dipping out. So far what they showed was a pile of meh for me, housing like boating while neat I guess would be something I likely wou
  9. They'd do that and likely are doing that, A-net doesn't care and hasn't cared in a long time. But I agree with you~ Honestly if this game dies it'll be entirely due to how A-net has functioned over the last eight or so years.
  10. I mean at this stage, the only reason this game is allowed to exist is because NCsoft really has nothing that can compete or even replace it once its gone. Like what? Aion classic. LMFAO they killed that game by doing EXACTLY what A-net has been doing to guild wars 2 over the years... but I agree. Honestly we need a complete new team, with a solid foundation and vision and a guild wars 3. This game will never be more than it is...
  11. Daddy NCsoft has enough money. Let them foot the bill.
  12. That'd have meaning if they didn't CHANGE the games design an purpose. For example, WvW and PvP were the games intended end-game with dungeons serving the purpose of alternative gearing. Raids were scoffed at by the dev's, mounts were frowned upon and laughed at. "We'll never do that" then they dropped the ball and changed directions NOT because it wasn't working but because they could. WvW has been abandoned and has yet to have meaningful content added or have its mode refined, PvP is a laugh but its nothing to write home about. I remember CLEARLY when they said they'd never do legenda
  13. http://virtuallyinterrupted.com/revenant-legends-svanir/
  14. Exactly why I haven't been playing my revenant, why when its clear that the class I love won't be the class it remains to be? And GUESS WHAT GUYS? Power soul-beast with smokescale is pretty much the old power glint/shiro build. But it works and isn't nearly as difficult to play. I also hate soul-beast ironically enough because the whole reason I'd play a ranger is for the pet, but I decided to try a build my friend was running and the similarities are hilarious. Granted... I only come by to check whats going on while not playing like I used to. EoD is what im waiting for, to see if its wor
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