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I'm guessing some sort of power/condition hybrid isn't viable but anyone have any fun builds with LB/SW+WH? (want a ranged weapon and cant do SB 900 range)

Yesh I'll probably die from not being able to apply enough pressure 1/2ing condition & direct damage but whicha got?

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Ranger Condi builds don't have the kind of range needed for zerg fights.... so unless you're roaming, power builds are your main option. Soul Beast running Driver sniper builds (when played well, and working in conjunction with builds that can pin down targets), can actually make a big difference by putting pressure on key targets in the blob. They're based on LB with as much unblockable traits and skills you can muster, so it can break through all the projectile hate and reflects they use. But its hard to get Commanders to leverage these builds, because they don't trust people to play them well, and would rather have a Firebrand or Spellbeaker, since those will sustain the whole group. And good group sustain is hard to find on most servers.... so they're always in higher demand just to keep a zerg from imploding.

But yeah.... look up that build. If you can make it work well, and show the commanders you're competent, they'll be less hostile about it.

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Its power longbow (secondary doesnt really matter, you'll be in longbow 90% of the time) or pure troll builds.

Condi ranger isnt anywhere near the effectivness and ease of a condi scourge, but you can for example build a full condi duration and healing druid (any condi damage that comes with it is coincidental) that's nearly immortal. You wont actually kill anything yourself but with constant immobilize you'll help everyone else to kill the enemy with ease.

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