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Should I go with Dire or Rabid stats ?


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As a condi mirage ?I mainly do PvP and world content, sometimes fractals, so it's no big deal if my build isn't optimized but when I get ascended items I'd still like to know which stats would be best

Is there a point of stacking precision with condi specs or should I get the extra HP instead, according to you ?

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I agree with the others. Some classes can benefit quite a bit from a little extra passive defense via toughness/vitality/healing power - and I do believe that in PvP/WvW there is certainly some truth to that! However, Mirage is based on active defense and is equipped to avoid the majority of incoming attacks. With a little practice to learn the timing and become comfortable with the skill set, you should be able to survive quite well while dealing very strong damage.

Here's a sample video and build link of Viper Mirage taking down a large group of 6 or 7 mixed melee/range normal units plus a veteran and a champion. You can see from the outset that Mirage is quite capable of hanging in the crowd despite being a light armor class with (in this case) no additional toughness/vitality/healing power.


Edit: I also wanted to add that I did a little testing with dire and rabid stats. In open world play I saw about 50-60% of Viper damage out of Dire stats and 70-80% from Rabid stats. However, both were overkill on defense. I don't recommend carrion stats either. I don't think power damage is beneficial enough with this build (usually 10-20% of my damage comes from power) and if I had to choose between vitality and toughness, I think taking less damage per hit helps more than the additional health for a build designed to take very few hits.

Bottom Line: Go Rabid for a more forgiving (and less expensive!) experience that can still produce more than adequate damage with superior survivability in open world play. In fractals, Viper would really be your best option, especially higher tier and raids it will be expected. Lower tier nobody cares, Rabid is fine.

In PvP, you can choose your stats at will and at no cost. So try different things and see how it feels to you. I feel quite comfortable using more or less the same build in PvP that I use in PvE (viper stats, same traits but with blink and cleansing sigil). Here's a video of Viper Mirage in an unranked PvP match against admittedly poor competition (Sorry, I barely PvP at all so I expect the system tends to match me against inexperienced players when I do play!). Sinister would also be a good choice, as condition duration doesn't necessarily help you if your conditions get cleansed before they exceed the normal duration!

If Viper or sinister is too squishy for you, then Rabid/Carrion or maybe even Deadshot, Wizard, or Wanderer stats are good choices. The extra health or toughness will give you better longevity and margin for error.

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