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What to do at 80?

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Hey I have two chars at 80. I have a 80 Guardian which I don't play at all (its just not fun) and an Elementalist I just got to 80. I also have a 52 engineer which I plan to get 80 plus two level 80 boosts. So I will soon have a handful of 80s but what do I do at endgame? O_o Can someone maybe list some things and go into a bit of detail on how to get started. I would really appreciate it. In these types of games I kinda like to hoard currency, rare items, etc...anything that has value in the game. So what can I do to get the most silver and rare items like weapons and stuff?

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There are a lot of things to do at end game, depending on the type of player you are. For some people end game is only PvP related. For some people end game is only the hardest content in the game. Daily T4 fractals including challenge mote, and clearing raids weekly. For me it's quite different.

WIthout a quest log, we have to depend on the achievement panel to give us a hint at what there is to do in the game. For me that's often collections, and whatever achievements I need to get to collect the skins that I want.

For example, there are specialization weapon collections which unlock all sorts of ascended weapons. I've done them all, and I use the mystic forge to change their stats if I don't like the selection on offer. I always get the meta achievement for each new zone to collect that skin as well.

Mostly, though I play to socialize. I hang out with my guild. Often I'm helping other people get their goals done. The good thing about this game is that it's rare I help anyone else without making progress to something of my own.

Really it all depends on the kind of stuff you're interested in the game. My end game is building characters that have a specific look, including their minipets, titles, mounts, the whole works. It keeps me off the streets. lol

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Endgame is pretty wide open here. You could decide to make a legendary weapon, learn the details of a large group or meta event and start commanding, master fractals or join a raid group. Some of the achievements are epic scavenger hunts, while others you may get by accident just noodling around with events you stumble on, and others come from replaying some events or areas. There are a ton of really amazing hidden nooks and crannies that make just exploring the maps a lot of fun. There are still folks running dungeons, and there are some neat skins and useful gear that you can purchase with dungeon tokens.

Just kitting out your new stable of characters will take you back to various parts of the game, as you find new looks and builds you want to try.

A typical week for me right now includes:

  • some HoT and Silverwaste events to keep my key collection stocked for my home instance node farm
  • sharing that node farm with others
  • crafting some time-gated materials to build up reserves against the next big crafting project and refining raw materials
  • chipping away at my current legendary collection project (Nevermore--I need ALL the wood)
  • playing through some PoF story on my second or third characters for the Raising the Banners achievements
  • organizing guild night for my primary guild
  • joining events in my secondary guild
  • rolling a new character for a key run
  • some work on finishing the kits for my raid characters (so many infusions!)
  • answering some questions or calls for help in map chat when I'm feeling sociable
  • picking some random achievement I'm close to finishing and trying to make at least one bit of progress on it
  • a bit of WvW, and
  • climbing random things to flap around aimlessly on my griffon just because it's fun to play with my majestic catbirb.

Last week, I got a wild notion and went through all the PoF and LS4 maps to date and tried each of the griffon courses at least once. Gave myself hella vertigo on a couple of them, but I actually managed to complete several I'd never even tried before, so that was fun. Several months ago, I had managed to spend my entire karma hoard finishing out several collections, so I spent some time most days doing the faster dailies on the LS3 maps to refill that, and occasionally hitting an event or two while I was there. From time to time, I try to run through the Sanctum Scramble at least once a day for a week, because I still haven't managed to bronze in that, but I get closer each time, and I'll get it eventually.

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@"morrowson.9245" said:Hey I have two chars at 80. I have a 80 Guardian which I don't play at all (its just not fun) and an Elementalist I just got to 80. I also have a 52 engineer which I plan to get 80 plus two level 80 boosts. So I will soon have a handful of 80s but what do I do at endgame?

This is an incomplete (but fairly extensive) list of the daily things that have rewards attached, dynamically updated: https://gw2efficiency.com/daily

In addition to those, the vast majority of "income generating" activities are centered around a map-wide meta event of some sort. For example, the SilverWastes meta event chain, or the Domain of Istan meta event chain, or the Auric Basic meta event chain, are all considered quite rewarding. Some, like the Bitterfrost Frontier, are much lighter weight but still rewarding event chains.

Beyond that, you do ... basically, whatever you want. GW2 doesn't impose forced goals on you, and it doesn't reset gear or power levels, so you don't have to grind up again after any xpac or whatever.

If you don't have them yet, the first steps for longer term goals would be:

  • obtain ascended gear for your character(s)
  • obtain enough mastery points to complete masteries
  • starting figuring out how to look fabuous

Beyond all that PVE stuff, you could dabble with PvP or WvW and see if you like either of them. Both of those can happily keep you fully busy.

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  • Explore the world (when you hit 80 you knew ~20% of the world)
  • Play the events and meta-events, world-bosses, ...
  • play the story: personal, ls2, HoT, ls3, PoF, ls4
  • Get the masteries: auto-loot, gliding, mounts, ...
  • Get the elite-specializations of your classes
  • Play wvw, Rankup in wvw -> lead in wvw
  • Join a guild play guild-mission
  • Buildup a guild
  • hunt achievements and titel
  • Learn crafting disciplines
  • Get ascended equipment
  • Get legendary equipment
  • Play fractals
  • Play raids
  • Play dungeons
  • Play fashion wars (hunt skins)
  • Earn gold extend your account
  • get every class/race played
  • Play pvp
  • ...

With Lvl 80 you finished the tutorial, now the world is yours to take it :)

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