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Why still no material storage space for 4 exclusive garden flowers?

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Not that many people have them (not everyone owns the nodes; not every node owner plants them). And they only have one primary use, so they don't need to be stored as much as other things do. If the storage system was infinitely extensible, at worst, that would just slow down their addition.

Unfortunately, the material storage database was designed in a way that makes it practically impossible to remove items and has a hard limit for the variety of items that can be added. So the devs have to be very careful about what goes in (or doesn't). They prioritize things that don't have an immediate use, that accumulate quickly, that impact lots of people and so on. The special flowers don't fall into those categories, so they are at/near the bottom of the list.

In other words, as @Inculpatus cedo.9234 said: the devs already stated that this isn't likely to happen.

PS why would you store 250 of them? how many hours of primers do you need?

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