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Suitable classes for T4 fractals

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Hello,I would like to have one class that is very and wanted in T4 fractals and I do not want to play for weaverOptions: Spellbreaker, Berseker, Firebrand, some mesmer build?, Scourge

Please. tell me your opinions on these builds/classes in fractals

Thank you :)

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Spellbreaker provides good Power DPS, boon strips and CC, with the option for providing Banner buffs at the cost of personal DPS.

Berserkers provide good Condition DPS and Banner buffs, while pulling higher numbers than Spellbreaker (or core Warrior).

Firebrand provides good Condition DPS with the option for group healing and utility from their Tomes.

Mesmers in general provide the most party utility, hands down. Blinks, Boons, Portals, Reflects, Condition Cleanse, Boon Strips, enemy grouping, the biggest Breakbar skill in the game are all part of the Mesmer's kit, and the reason why most groups run with one.

Scourge provide good Condition DPS and boon strips, as well as Epidemic. While that last was nerfed in the recent patch, it will still do enough to clear thrash mobs in many fights.

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Don't have the chance to play yet after the balancing patch but imo :

Power warriors; Spellbreaker's dps should drop with the nerf on Peak Performance. Berseker(condi) will not be effected much.

Firebrand - 20k+ - 30k. A more noticeable dps with Grieving > Viper in fractal.

Vouching for mesmer(chrono) for OP. Utilities & boon sharing, the nerf is on aegis duration which I think won't effect the overall performance.

Scourge...with the nerf on epi...(silence)

From my understanding after reading the patch note, power is still above condi in fotm. For casuals as long as your dmg dealing class profession does 8k+ dps, you will be fine. PS : in fractals.

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