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Whirling Axe -Warrior Offhand Axe Skill 5

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@"Sazukikrah.5036" said:It's even on the Official wikipage stating that the skill is bugged and movement does not increase while using skill.

That note was added 2017 September 11 by an anonymous poster. It was their only edit based on their IP address, which means they didn't describe how they determined that there was a bug. They also didn't describe whether it gave some speed boost or none at all.

I have no opinion about whether the skill is bugged or not; I'm just saying the fact that someone wrote that on the wiki shouldn't be taken as proof, not without other corroborating details. (Especially since it's fairly common for people to report bugs that turn out to be misunderstandings or mismeasurements.)

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Just tested right now using the Mumble API to get my position and calculating my speed based on the change.

I checked1) out of combat walking - 294/s2) out of combat walking with +25% - 367/s3) out of combat walking with +33% - 390/s4) out of combat walking with +25% and +33% (should be same as 3) - 390/s5) out of combat while using Whirling Axe - 400/s6) in combat walking - 210/s7) in combat while using Whirling Axe - 315/s

Base movement out of combat is 294 and 210 for in combat. Movement speed cap is 400 unless you are on a mount.

All this was done in the Special Forces Training Area to stay consistent and to have an easy controlled environment where I am in combat along with enough flat ground to run straight for a while. The permanent alacrity is also helpful.

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