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[Bug] Stone-Carving tool not for sale by heart vendor


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Not sure how to solve this one - I'm slowly chipping away on my Griffon, today going for the stone-carving tools from Awakened Servant Tooraj in DoV, but they were not for sale from him. Maybe I bought and used them before I had finished PoF, or something? Either way, no item, no griffon, right? What can I do to get it after all?

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@silke.1327 said:

@Khisanth.2948 said:Hmm at least for that screenshot you are in the wrong area ...

Oh yes, but the point is it's not there.

Relic Preservation Materials purchased from the Follower Xunn aren't there either, and the support team is not responding to my ticket, woo!

Well when did you put in your ticket they are slow to respond atm can take 1-3 weeks mate

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YO this is funny but i had the same problem as you all, it wasn't a bug it was just the wrong vendor xD 

Its was a vendor called Awakened Servant  Located in Vehjin Mines he is Above the Big Squire looking boulder his laying there dead.

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