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Releasing the videos of the features after releasing the trailer is...


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The best idea I've seen!!!

It just gives more space to show off the content! Seeing Xiuquatl and Mythwright Gambit in it's glory is so much better than showing when a character blows into Verdarach and you see briefly some ghosts or insignificant spider.

Good job marketing team and designers! This is the best idea to keep interest of the people, and it's a very good idea you release those videos on your social medias like Twitter- to get to more people.

Well done!

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I don't mind it and I do like that they have individual GIFs and other small bits to tweet or link to social media.

That said, I would prefer that we also get a more substantive preview. We've had some stellar ones that included new stuff, while this one felt like it was 90% recap of events in the past. If they are going to separate stuff into small chunks, then take it the one more step: have a recap vid and a preview video (for extra hype, they can be released on different days).

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