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Lead Attacks: to make it more consistent, Challenging and rewarding


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additional changes that needs to be done

whenever your attacks skills miss, blocked or dodged ( basically not connected)

you will NOT gain Lead attacks modifier,

Lead attacks will be reduced from 15 stacks to 10 stacks

and lead attack modifier is increased from 1% to 2% (or if anet is generous make it 3%)

in conclusion, E.G. if thieves just spam s/d 3 mindlessly and skills being missed dodged or blocked, NO lead attacks will be generated

and thieves will be rewarded by precisely landing the skills to generate lead attacks

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Here some additional ideas to start new threads:

  • If a thief misses his steal he drops his weapon. He will only be able to pick it up again if he hits his next steal.
  • If a thief uses a dodge without actually dodging an attack he should get Exhaustion for 6s.
  • After defeating an opponent the thief gets a debuff that reduces all his stats. This stacks up (infinitely) with every additional defeated opponent.
  • If a thief is defeated he drops (his) gold for the attacker.
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