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vipers for deadeye


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@Zacchary.6183 said:

@Doctor Hide.6345 said:Deadeye doesn't seem to be a condi spec, so I would say no.

Vipers is hybrid. Expertise increases the duration of all conditions.

That is interesting. Good to know. Never noticed the condition damage line next to the might line till now. I will still run zerker with my rifle and pistols, but at least I now know about the other option.

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@czerwoni.9563 said:

@"Leo Schrodingers Cat.2497" said:I don't see why you would. I personally wouldn't even run Zerks on Deadeye.

what do you run? i went zerk cause it was aready crafted lol, i like deadeye and i like daredevil

For PvE, I use Marauders... partly cuz my internet is shit so I lag every now and then. And partly because PoF is set up where you're not just going to fight one thing at a time, but a horde of shit that can get ontop of you fast. Overall... for Deadeye, Marauders is a pretty small damage loss for a good deal of survivability. And Superior Rune of Rage. The funny thing about all of this though... Rune of Rage gives you far more value than Superior Rune of Deadeye. Deadeye gives you 2 stacks of 15 second might. But combine Rune of Rage with Critical Strikes and you can get might for every f*cking hit.

For PvP, I don't really stick with one build with Deadeye. I just go... "I feel like doing this." The ones I do use commonly are valks, seekers, magi, zerks - they are usually mixed.

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