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Vulkan graphics engine?

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Could gw2 do such thing moving into the next decade of success?Unlikely, as it requires revamping everything graphics-related in the game. That's the sort of thing that studios find cost-ineffective, except when launching a new game. (And even then, sometimes, they re-use the old engine.)

The reason megai and ashton are able to provide their emulators is that they don't have to check everything or make sure their software works with everyone; it just has to be "reliable enough."

That said, megai's project has very good reviews right now. People are using it for WvW and megai keeps on improving it. It seems to provide the biggest benefits to slower machines that are Dx12-capable

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@neoteo.3975 said:This week NMS released the news that they will change from OpenGL to Vulkan to hopefully increase FPS and overall performance.

Using the Vulkan engine sounds like the most logical choice. It would allow ArenaNet to boldly go into deep improvements for the game; hopefully, implementing it wouldn't be too much of a trek for them.

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