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What happened to These Characters? Side Story? Dinky!

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Are we going to see a return of our sidekick buddies, Maverick, Euryale, Clawspur, Dinky, and Reeva?

Before running off to Heart of Thorns, Heart of Maguuma, you part ways from your buddy (as a Charr race), you leave Dinky or whoeverin charge so you can take care a new warband, to head into Heart of Maguuma. Once your side character takes over your left over warband,you never see him again. I am curious when are we going to see help or back or some sort of revisit of those guys?

I am all about story and i want to see my Dinky character to come back. He brings your old warband, showing Dinky hes got it handled,coming in to have your back on whats coming. Whether its The Shatterer, or a future story.

When will we see Dinky and, or the other guys? Would like to see them get a revisit and be part of the war.

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Pact Medic Ceera was a pretty cool adition to Auric Basin, but a lot of personal story characters kind of just fell off the map. I mean, what happened to the Human Commander's sister after Orr? What became of Malyck?

That said, if Demi Beetlestone is any indicator, appearing on-screen after so many years isn't so great for one's health.

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I agree, I wish more characters from the personal story would appear in later stories. A few have, and even had different dialogue based on whether you'd encountered them before (like Ceera) so it is possible to do that.

It really bothered me when I met a charr (in Orr I think) who said something about writing to her sister who is also in the Pact but stationed in a different area. If two charr, who barely even acknowledge their biological family, can keep in touch why can't my human character keep in touch with her sister? I'm fine with them working separately (after all I get on much better with my real-life siblings when we don't see each other every day), but it would be nice if they could at least see each other periodically. Same with asura and their krewe, and sylvari and norn characters friends from the personal story.

It's worse with charr though, You spend the first chapter of the personal story building up a warband, and you're told that charr warbands are extremely close and stay together until death, then you go off on your own and never see them again. It makes no sense to do that, and especially not to form a guild which acts as your 'new' warband when your old one is still around. In retrospect it would have been better if the charr personal story had been about you being a gladium and trying to redeem yourself before going off to join an Order instead.

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