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I like how awful this class is every time I tried to come back to it


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@Auburner.6945 said:I believe the current WvW event would cast some light on how 'lovely' ele's utility skills are.

I know i wish ele had a aoe quickness elite that on a high duration on a 35 sec cd. Or even JI or bull rush far better movement skills then LF ever could be. Any type of stab support utility is effectively stronger then what ele has as well as any type of aoe condi clear in utility as well.

Why are ele utility on such long cd when they are weaker and non support then every thing else in the game?

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@LazySummer.2568 said:I'm actually camping most other classes' skills except thief & engi's as ele in this wvw event. It's so much better to be able to remove boons and give yourself instant access to spammable quickness / stab / might+ fury compared to ele's trash utils.

Gaurd here though i play support aura ele not dmg so giving other quikness is a game changer for me. The JI is realy nice (though i wish it was MI and stand your grond for the stun brake).

Anet may of open a real Pandora box with this event. Ele utility are soo bad i did not even understand just how bad.

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@"Dahir.4158" said:And in WvW, staff weavers have become kitten. All that sword nonsense is irrelevant. We want staff to be good again.

Come on. it isn't that staff is bad. Well mostly not bad. But it's more a matter of mostly everyone catching it up and then surpassing it. As was mentioned above it suffers now from being slow where before there weren't so many instant casts flying around.

As for the other stuff in this thread as someone who plays both professions I'll add that core engineers feel largely the same about having elements of their profession stolen and then given out to so many others. Quite a few engineers also don't want to play scrapper or holo but rifle and pistol are rubbish and many of their core abilities have been left behind- either nerfed for the sake of balancing elites -which should have taken the nerf instead- or left alone. Oh, and turrets were gutted by whingers and kits suck too. So we have that going for us.

Hang in there or don't. Either way it it isn't liable to change for the better any time in the near future.

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Sounds like l2p issue.

I main ele since Guild Wars Prophecies. In PvP I'm almost unkillable, while healing others and putting enough damage to 1vs1 anyone beside maybe scrapper, who won't kill me either. In WvW well placed meteor shower is the most beutiful thing man can watch. In PvE staff is pretty bad, I agree, because you need a warrior and a chrono if you want to make it work. Reaching up to 34k DPS as Sword Fresh Air isn't bad either and while it takes a lot of practice, at this point it feels to me as intuitive as driving a car.

If anything, Staff Ele needs to get back its former glory in PvE. We don't need any other buffs.

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