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[Suggestion] Map List

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Could you please add a drop down list of all the area's of the world map. Its that big now (which is a good thing) it can take a long time to find an area you want to get to. I don't know if its me but i have to zoom right in to read the various area's and can be scrolling the map for awhile to find where i wish to go.Thank's

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Agree with your issue (it's a big world!), however don't like the solution you suggest as it would devalue the map feel. I use the wiki and get the code [&Abeurb54] style, and paste into chat.

Do wish they would make mistlock sanctuary interact with map better.

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@Menadena.7482 said:m (zoom out) (scroll wherever to the center) (zoom in) (click)

Yes, it could be easier but is not that laborious.From the way the original post is worded, I suspect that they don't know the locations/names of the maps so they don't know what part of the world to scroll to in the first place.

@artley.5267 said:i have to zoom right in to read the various area'sHover your mouse cursor over the level range indicator of each map on the world map view. This will bring up a tooltip that will (among other things) show the name of the map (provided the character you are on has been on the map at least once before). It's an easy way to find the correct map without zooming in.

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