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  1. If you enter your API key into the wiki page about mastery points it'll show you which points you have/haven't earned. You still need to count them by hand, but since they're all on one page and sorted by achievement category, it's pretty easy to do.
  2. Medium armor classes dropped from EoD - confirmed 😉
  3. Like I said, Season 3 brought and excess of available mastery points, which made HoT masteries a lot more accessible. At HoT release (and for a long time afterwards), there were only 132 points available, 30 of which came from adventures. You needed 112 points to max out HoT masteries, so even if you gained every single non-adventure mastery point you still had to do more adventures than many players were able to (either from personal or technical restrictions). I'd honestly be interested how many HoT core points you actually have, how many Season 3 points, and how many from raids.
  4. Things were different before Season 3 added an excess of HoT mastery points. I vividly remember spending days trying to gain a silver medal in some of the HoT adventures since I didn't have enough mastery points to finish my masteries. If you're not good at adventures (or tend to get motion sickness from a lot of them, like I do), then mastery points were pretty hard to get pre Season 3. To this day I still have 22 mastery points to earn in HoT, of which 16 are from adventures (the other 5 from raids, plus one from story act 4).
  5. I just stumbled upon this blog post from 2014 where ArenaNet explains the reason for the daily revamp:
  6. You can just use the boost on an existing lvl 80 character. It'll give you the equipment, bags, etc. that a boosted character would've gotten, which you can then decide to use or trash at your convenience.
  7. That's certainly a possibility. What we don't know (since we don't have access to those numbers) is if those numbers are actually bigger than the extra hours played by those who do log in more often because of those daily achievements. ANet has the numbers of how many players log in daily/weekly/monthly, for how many hours, and how many of those do what kinds of repeatable achievements. They likely also have people that can crunch those numbers to give them an idea of what works best for the general playerbase. I certainly hope that they don't make decisions based on anecdotal evid
  8. I'm probably the odd one out here, but I don't get this desire for the game to tell me what to play. It's actually one of the things I love most about GW2: I can decide what to play without seriously gimping my gaming experience/account progression. In my opinion we already have way too many daily achievements, and even weekly ones (fractals, festivals, raid reset, strike mission prophet shard chests, wvw skirmish reward tracks). If you don't know what to do with your gaming time, you can spend hours each day and week going through the daily achievement category and ticking every o
  9. There's a big difference between disagreement and cancelling. Trying to "cancel" any kind of disagreement by painting it to be some kind of nefarious action out to suppress you, neither helps the discussion nor does it give your stance on the subject any credibility. If you really want a race change option in this game, you're better off to offer some suggestions as to what the benefits are for both ANet and the playerbase as a whole, and how those benefits outweigh possible drawbacks (most prominent among those the development costs of the proposed change). Then we could actual
  10. I honestly don't care, since unfortunately anything related to the roller beetle is content I'll never be able to do anyway. Riding on that mount gives me a bad case of motion sickness super fast. Even just doing one of the race courses would lead to me having to lie down feeling sick and with a splitting headache for a couple of hours, so I quickly shelved my beetle for good.
  11. As far as I know, those hydras are part of the event, and from what I've observed also are the main obstacle that requires people to actually react to the situation rather than just attack anything without much thought. Most of the dredge are too weak to do serious damage to the drills (unless there are no defenders at all), so the hydras are the main threat that needs to be dealt with.
  12. That meta actually doesn't need all that many people. It is important though that people know what to do. If nobody takes care to kite the hydra away from the drill, that's usually what makes the event fail.
  13. Thanks for the correction. I seemed to recall that I was able to do it on other characters, too, but this time I just didn't find the right spot to get into that tunnel. I did get to the log at the side of the platform, and I think the character's still there, so I'll see if I can figure out what I missed next time I play her 😉 .
  14. This old lady doesn't do such new-fangled stuff as videos 😉 . But if you want to go there, simply glide north from the matriarch platform, and take the updraft right behind the airship. From there you can easily glide over to the frogs (if you have the appropriate gliding mastery). I just did a full map completion of VB with my new guard (that hadn't been on the map before) without mounts or choppers, and the only poi that posed a problem was the patriarch one, since most of the updrafts around that platform are only available at night, and I was up there during the day 😉 .
  15. I don't have a screenshot, but did encounter this issue when we were playing yesterday. My daughter and I were in a party, duo-roaming wvw. We usually are on different servers (her account is on Elona Reach, while mine is on Drakkar Lake), but choose the same guild for beta, so ended up on the same team (Silent Woods EU). Issues we noticed: guild menu showed two different desert borderland names as our locations while we were standing next to each other on the red map we didn't see each other as blue (party) dots on the minimap, just as regular green ones, despite being
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