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  1. That's an easy question to answer: personally I think the legendary armory will benefit a lot of people, while the ones that may feel their duplicate legendaries are now "worthless" (a definition I still don't agree with btw 😉 ) are few in comparrison and not exactly on the "needy" end of the wealth spectrum as far as the GW2 player base as a whole goes. In a way ANet is somewhat leveling the field with the armory, by making usage of legendary equipment across different characters more accessible to everyone. Those that invested in duplicate legendaries really are not loosing anyth
  2. On the danger of repeating myself: that is your interpretation of what was said. The other interpretation, namely that there will never be stronger equipment than legendary equipment, still stands, and whether or not you want to keep using different pieces of legendary equipment on different characters or re-use just one from next month on is your choice, but doesn't make the equipment any weaker than it is now. Change happens, especially in a massive online game like this one. Change has always happened. Every time, there are winners and (hopefully far less) "loosers", however you
  3. Where exactly did you get this line from? I do seem to recall that they at one point promised that legendary gear will never be eclipsed by a higher gear tier with higher stats, but I don't remember them ever saying anything about having other options of the same strength. Technically the legendary armory will not be different than sharing a single legendary piece of equipment now, it just adds some qol to the sharing part. It won't change the stats on any of the items you already have (and have potentially used for months or even years already), nor will it introduce items with hi
  4. What exactly is your definition of "endgame content", and why does it make a game inherently superior if it offers exactly that kind of content? I can easily understand that the content provided by ESO and FFXIV appeals to a lot of players, including you, but it's personal preference. I on the other hand have played ESO since beta, and still play it regularly, but GW2 is easily is my favorite and #1 MMO to this day, despite the disaster that is the cutting of half of the IBS. It offers the kind of content I enjoy, and stays clear of the kind of content I not enjoy, including the "e
  5. Depends on the situation. In a large wvw zerg you may want to cast your skills on a target that is not necessarily in your subgroup. Good luck with finding the right person in a zerg of 50 in the middle of combat. On the other hand, it's easy to target them if they're right in front of you and you see that they're low. In a way I guess it's a question of playing the game vs. playing the UI.
  6. You can buy all racial armor skins on any character regardless of race in wvw. It's not necessary to have a character of a certain race to unlock their racial armor skins. That said, I'm with the devs here. There are so many considerations to make when thinking about race changing, starting with soulbound gear with racial skins that you can't use afterwards. Then there's the whole personal story. What about the achievements tied to the racial arcs? Do you get double rewards for re-playing the story as the new race? How do you handle the choice of order and allied race for the lvl 4
  7. Dungeons give between 35 silver and 1 gold for the first daily completion per path.
  8. Very good tips, but I just want to clarify this point, since it is not accurate. Guild missions are in fact the same for all guilds each week, provided they have chosen the same mission preference (you can switch between pve, wvw, pvp, and mixed). There are two ways you can encounter a mission on a different difficulty: the guild that started the mission works with a different mission preference (pve and mixed both have pve missions, although not (usually) the same ones) the mission is available on different difficulties that week and you don't have one of the mission slots unlocke
  9. Whether or not something is rated doesn't release you from behaving like a decent human being when interacting with people, especially people you don't know. Learning social interactions happens through interacting with lots and lots of different people. It's not some abstract knowledge your parents implement into you. Lock the teens away, and you'll eventually end up having to deal with a lot of adults who don't have a clue how to properly interact with people either (as you can very well see in today's society already). That said, the kind of interaction you seem to be hinting at
  10. The achievements are moved to the "Current Events" category of the achievement panel once their one week of spotlight is over. They'll stay there indefinitely, so you can do them at any time in the future.
  11. @Danikat.8537 check the wiki page on guild missions. There is a number of players required for most wvw and pvp guild missions (which matches my experience). PvE missions on the other hand can all be done with just one player of the guild participating. The puzzles do require 4-6 players to do the mechanics, but they don't have to be a member of the guild.
  12. I expect it to end up like similar changes in the past. Example (widely different item value, but same mechanic): when mini pets were added to the account wardrobe, you were only able to add one of each kind of mini to the wardrobe. Duplicates you had simply stayed in your inventory, and you were free to use them the same way you did pre-wardrobe. I still have a duplicate mini Moto and Miya left over from that time 😉 . I expect the argument to be something like: you already had use of the duplicates for a long time, so did get value out of them you can still
  13. You do not need Skyscale or Griffon to enjoy content. All of HoT is manouverable with no mounts at all (and actually all the more fun that way to me), and all of PoF is doable without either of the flying mounts. Personally I love the verticality they've introduced to the game. Tangled Depths and Draconis Mons are possibly my two favorite maps of this game, especially before the introduction of mounts. It's an explorer's dream, trying to figure out how to get places with the movement tools the game gives you. I really hope we will see more of this going forward 😄 .
  14. But nobody is forcing you to "play alone together", that's as much your choice as it is my choice to interact with the players I encounter. Why do you need tools to interact with others? I can see how the guild interface could be improved, but that's the only idea I've seen so far that made sense to me. Maybe I'm too old for this, but I honestly can't think of any tools that would make cooperation and interaction with my fellow players, both known and unkown, in any way easier than it is right now (where I can simply talk to people via chat, and find people via lfg).
  15. Excuse me for saying this, but it sounds a bit like you are trying to play the game back to front. You are diving into an expansion story line (Heart of Thorns) and its associated areas (sounds like you are in the Auric Basin at the moment) without being familiar with the game's basics. Of course that's doable if that's how you like to play, but you will find a lot of situations where the game just expects the player to be familiar with certain basic concepts and mechanics that you are still missing. One of the big design philosophies of this game is that the choice of where to go
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