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The double standards in balance


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Staff ele was murdered and buried, despite all the sacrifices to be done in terms of sustain to obtain any resemblance of respectful damage....meanwhile rev hammer was left untouched, with the rev naturally having 2-3xmore sustain and utility than a staff ele...also having more base HP and armor but why not am I right?


I was wearing 3200 armor (2400 toughness + protection ) in the picture......but let's not end it here

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Balance unfortunately has never been this games strong point.

Take my advice and just play the game like its build wars 2. Because 90% of the time, the build you pick will determine the outcome. Why play a deadeye assassin when you can run a Sic em Souldbeast longbow ranger. Why pick core engi sustain over a scrapper or holosmith. Why run a support druid when a support firebrand makes your squad unkillable in an even fight (assuming the opposing force doesn't also run the same thing).

I've come back to the game after a 2 year break hoping there would be a semblance of balance and thus more build variety. But 90% of the people you run into will be running a build found on meta battle. Support/dueling/sustain, doesn't matter what category. If you or your team aren't running these builds, you will lose to players who are, unless they are extremely inept and you outplay them to a ridiculous degree.

The sooner you accept this the better. It sucks I know, but the reason this game never became an esports is because class balance against other classes in any pvp environment has never ever been a focus for the devs.

So yea, don't run a staff ele, its terrible, and there are classes that do the same thing so much better. But you'll be waiting a lot longer than 2 years for balance to be taken seriously Im afraid.

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