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Key binding suggestion help

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Hello all

I've recently gotten into this game, I played some time ago upon first release but i never really committed and got stuck in. I find myself now enjoying the game more than ever.

I'm having one issue though which in part might be because I'm new but I keep loosing my hand on the keyboard. To explain I'm using the default key bindings so skill slots 1-10 are bound to keyboard numbers 1-0. So I'm having to move my hand across the keyboard to hit the skills whilst still trying to use w,a,s,d. The result is I end up loosing my hand position and hitting the wrong buttons unintentionally.

So i'm wondering what does everybody else do? Do you all use custom key binding if so mind sharing? or am i just that nub?

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You can use something like the casters used during Pro League where all buttons are in reach of wasd:

Healing skill: QElite skill: EUtility 1: ZUtility 2: XUtility 3: CProfession skill 1: Left AltWeapon skill 5: RProfession skill 2-4: Shift + f2/3/4Profession skill 5: Shift + R

This is probably the best setup because no fingers obstruct any action, however there are other variations like:

Healing skill: QUtility 1: EUtility 2: RUtility 3: FElite skill: CInteract: Left Alt

For the rest of the buttons you can just put them where you feel comfortable. Remember the f-skills can also be put on Left Alt + 1/2/3/4/R for easy access if using your little finger is straining. Also try binding dodge and weapon swap to your mouse if you have any buttons there.

Hope you find something that works :)

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I think most people do change the keybindings to make them more comfortable and easier to reach. There's no right or wrong way to do that, the important thing is it works for you. But I think the only benefit of the default setup is it looks logical on the quick-start guide and the manual which comes with the game, it's not actually easy to use at all.

(I'd share mine, but I'm left-handed so I don't think they're any use for right-handers. The short version however is I moved everything combat related to the number pad because it's easier to keep track of where my hand is without looking.)

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I have 6-0 altbound to G,Z,X,C,V for faster key travel. I have my mouse thumb button bound to special action (Default: - [KEY-MINUS]) and one of the side buttons close to my left mouse for F5. Basically, all essential keys are within left hand reach; non-essential ones are past that. Do note that control/shift modifiers also count, such as my setup CTRL+F to force walk mode, and CTRL+W to force 'alway forward' aka autorun. Just make sure not to use those keys themselves as binds if you're thinking of using SHIFT/CTRL modifiers.

With this in mind, experiment. Find something that works for you! You don't have to be stuck with the defaults. But in the case you do mess things up, I believe there is a way to reset the keys to defaults.

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