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How do i Druid?


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I have a ranger main running Soulbeast, but i always play druids in games where there is a class like that. But i have no idea if playing druid will work for me i never tried it in gw2. But i want too, will i be able to kill mobs in the world solo? I thought druid being heals would make soloing a rough experience, and so i have been sticking to zerker SB for fast kills. Is druid very complicated to heal parties with? What gear would i use esp in groups for wvw and raids? Do i even dps as a druid? I really want to try it but kinda scared.

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Open world content is always best played with high DPS & high mobility on any class. Stay Soulbeast DPS for open world ^^

Check out this link for the types of Ranger builds that are used in end-game content -> https://snowcrows.com/raids/builds/ranger/druid/heal/

If you're talking pvp, click the youtube link in my signature and watch the GW2 Druid 2019 Yes video. It's the closest thing you'll get to Viable Druid build within this current meta & patching.

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About all your questions :

  • Druid VS soulbeast solo damage : In open world you will have a better dps on soulbeast. If you are not scared of taking time to kill a mob then yes druid can take a lot of damage without any problem (but a tanky boonbeast will still get a kill faster).
  • Gear : I assume you want to heal. I like minstrel in fractals but raids recommend Harrier because minstrel has too much toughness (and you do not want to have more than the tank). In WvW I have no idea what the best gear would be if you want to heal. Ascended is recommended.
  • Difficulty : I would say druid is easy to understand. In Pve, even after the heal was cut down to be put in a trait (lingering light) you still heal enough with ascended gear to take grace of the land (also people want the druid for the might). In pvp you need to have an idea of your dispells cooldowns because you will most likely get focused.
  • Damage in group : Your dps will be low but that is not your goal as a druid. If you want to have some dps there is a condi variant of the druid support for raids. There is also a trap ranger build for WvW because it gives stealth and some tankyness but it has more a solo purpose rather than a group one (you do not want to run into multiple enemies to land your traps).
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