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Carried play clips * Nani clips*


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Forums are a drip and salty at mo as it’s new season..Anyone got any SHORT clips of carried plays?(Plays like a bait kill with decap or a 1v3, or even at a loss then your rotation gives u snowball map control.)Maybe people can rate them from S tier carry to D.I have none I don’t record.*Gets popcorn ready

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@"Trevor Boyer.6524" said:It's not a video but here you go. I regret not recording this one. You should have seen what I had to do for this to happen, lol.


Always happy to see u in a game Barbie on your Druid!! U used to play thf to right same time I played thf around a year + ago?? My thf was uzumi but I retire it as I got to peak and was abit op for me?? Might be fun the get this out again as they ain’t as op but a good thf can be even more impactful now.

@"Grimjack.8130" said:Was duoing with Roy and I got this gem, was pretty good. If it doesn't look impressive, its not that hard to do, but watch the animation of the stomp, it was really close to going through. https://clips.twitch.tv/ToughWealthyMushroomSmoocherZ

https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralElegantSalamanderVoteNay 1v3 too I guess, we still lost this game too, rough.

Love getting grim on my team cus I can leave him be on what ever outerpoint his on and use his 1v++ to gain map control else where. But I always jump on right away if I see on my reaper and give no time to breave because of play like them videos lol

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