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  1. Double Thief has been a very high tier comp for awhile now and has only been getting more popular-on EU mainly mind you because NA is bad I guess. Especially on a map like Coli its almost certainly meta. Ah the classic uncompetitive player talking about competitive games, never gets old.
  2. What do you want? What does "the core PvP playerbase" need then? The point of these changes is to get people to want to play competitive- because its fun and now theres a bigger carrot and more importantly very obvious stepping stones., more chances for practice and competitive matches. Unfortunately its GW2 so no one wants to ever try regardless of the gamemode- and then blame Anet for a problem they created for themselves.
  3. warrior players in the thread thinking their dazes dont also immob (whats the thing called where you cant move or cast skills?)
  4. any chance we can get a heads up before the patch that fixes it as to try to keep the spirit of the worlds first race alive so each group attempting can try be there at the time of the patch 🙂
  5. someones never played the murderball version of courtyard...and by someone i mean literally everyone nah but some versions of a couple of these already exist on it https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Courtyard
  6. yeah maybe cause they killed fa weaver? lol
  7. its almost like ur supposed to play all 3 nodes on every map
  8. maybe u can dodge the skills that apply the conditions instead of trying to dodge the condition ticks! hope this helps 💖
  9. u r wrong!!! however there are situations u should go out the side gate and fire 1 off shot at a downstate fight type situation before rotating to said fight
  10. did u forget pre eod when every dps class ran rev rune for this resistance proc on heal? maybe its not good enough with how strong other relics are and how resi got nerfed-but this is easily a massive buff even if its not there yet
  11. wow a post thats actually very accurate on all fronts gj team keep it up proud of u guys
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