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It do not you can however before you check out add heart of thorns in a combo deal.https://buy.guildwars2.com/store?Action=DisplayPage&Env=BASE&Locale=en_IE&SiteID=gw2&id=QuickBuyCartPage

As seen here it cost me 29.99€ and can addhot for another 20€

If your not in a hurry the games birthday is coming up in alittle over a month and there might be a 50% off deal then mate.

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They're two seperate purchases, but there's a discount if you buy them both together. I'm not sure what the prices are in other currencies but in UK pounds it's £25.99 each for the standard editions or £42.99 if you buy them together. You can also get Living World Season 2 at the same time - it's the same price as in the gem store but it means you can get the whole lot as 1 purchase.

There's also sales every so often where you can get one or both expansions for a discount.

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