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IDEAS: Fishing with Underwater mounts, underwater mounts, adding to current maps

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My ideas for underwater content that could really work for the game in all current maps. could also start the hints of who the underwater dragon is by finding underwater hidden tokens or lost artifacts that give clues to the dangers of the underwater elder dragon. Doesn't mean we will see the dragon but it would be fare better way to explore more of the maps that are being left behind due to all the new maps that have come out.

Fishing should be through capturing fish from an underwater mount

  1. A mount would be needed to capture schools of fish. this would make it interactive and fun over using a fishing pole. (requires adding interactive schools of fish to every zone with water.) different types of fish would be located in different zones of the map that we already have.
  2. Leveling up the mount masteries could collect more fish from schools, open up merchants with account bound recipes. (recipes that increase a stat against underwater enemies and a buff that could be separate from normal food and axillary buffs and give a celestial type buff to players while underwater.)

Why or Why NotThere is huge vertical space available in every map already created and the dev team wouldn't even need to create new maps. Simply adding to the maps they already have will allow for more underwater pets for rangers and create underwater bosses with 3 axis attack skills (like a giant squid that spins and shoots ink out while moving). there is a whole world that could make underwater combat fun and want to go to zones that rarely see players anymore. this can make way to a full "Endless Sea" map where only a few small islands exist on a map and the underwater caverns would be a maze of exploration. more under water mask skins would be needed, more under water weapon skins would be desired. legendary crafting of underwater weapons would be in demand. (there is a ton of space in each zone under the map thats just known as the "Sea of the Void" why not use that space and add content to that water?

Dolphin mount(holding on to the top fin and saddling the back of the dolphin) (animations with Asura would work well if they hang on with just there hands when swimming quickly) Skins could be dolphins, sharks, whales...Abilities:

  1. Swim quickly underwater- allowing players to traverse the underwater areas with ease.
  2. Masteries that increase speed not just the speed of the dolphin but allow the dolphin to ride fast currents that stream through out the underwater areas much like how the glider works on Ley Lines. if swimming into the current you would be spit out quickly in another direction without the dolphin mount mastery
  3. Attack skill: Torpedo - Spiral forward and cleave every enemy in its path.

Crab mount(sitting on the back of the crab) Skins could be different crabs, crawfish, lobster...Abilities:

  1. Burrow underground-this allows a player to travel avoiding enemies ability to lock on to you. (AOE and blind swinging could still hit your mount.) This could allow the player to burrow through walls or get to under water caves that could be otherwise unreachable. (similar to the dig tool toy that lets you move under ground) this could also allow you to get in to areas that would be to small to enter in without a potion to shrink you.
  2. Crawl up vertical surfaces - allow to slowly climb up vertical surfaces. it might not be as fast as jumping from ledge to ledge or swooping down and flying up or using the dragon to slowly elevate but it would be different and unique in its own way. Some walls are hard to get around but with the crab you could go under the wall or over it with ease. (pair this with a dragon mount holding the edge of a wall and you could swap to a crab mount from a dragon mounts and continue up a wall.)
  3. Attack skill: burrow jump smash (anvil style) this can work from on land, on side of a wall, and underwater.
    • _On land _the crab could burrow under ground pop-up from underneath and then quickly slam down on the enemy.
    • On a wall-the crab could jump off and slam down on an enemy below. (negates fall damage).
    • Underwater the the crab can either burrow if its on a ledge then jump n slam or if just in open water slam down like an anvil from overhead falling until it hits an enemy or a ledge. (for large deep waters this could be immensely useful to go down very quickly in water.

Let me know what you all think . there was a big article on fishing in gw2 recently by a large rpg site so i wanted to see what people thought here and hope that anet sees this and gets a few ideas for the future.

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While I would absolutely love an underwater mount or two; any that speed up movement through the water would somewhat invalidate the existing swim-speed infusion system. I know some people need their faster in-combat speed, but I personally would stop bothering with the infusions altogether. That part of the economy might be impacted.

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