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  1. Another thread talked about using an ad-blocker to hide it. If you use one, just look for the "en-forum.guildwars2.com###ipsLayout_sidebar" element (maybe "...sidebarright" as well) and block that/them. It worked great for me and gives me almost the full width of the screen for the actual threads.
  2. It works fabulously (and better and faster than d912pxy) on my Windows 10 computer.
  3. Under f.lux options and "Disable," is "for fullscreen apps" unchecked? Maybe you'd also need to run in windowed fullscreen mode.
  4. ...unless it's your umpteenth time doing it. Successive playthroughs should absolutely have a "skip" feature.
  5. Nope...the purpose of my post was to mention a better analogue to a grappling hook. I queued your post as a quote as I went down the thread, thinking it might be useful for additional context; it wasn't, in retrospect, so I removed it.
  6. Also: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Oakheart's_Essence
  7. I, too, would like the option to customize the view settings and remove it altogether.
  8. My favorites from @Astral Projections.7320 's Gemstore thread: kittenrk Monarch Skyscale Skin Defiant Glkitten Backpack Peakitten Scepter Hourglkitten Staff kittenydreamer’s Finery Outfit Wide Rim Glkittenes
  9. Hmm...same as @maddoctor.2738, who saw great results. How much RAM? Do you have GW2 installed on an SSD? (I don't know what exactly impacts shader compilation)
  10. Another Nvidia user here reporting better results with DXVK. I didn't do any official benchmarking, but it's at least as quick as d912pxy, with none of the shader compilation delay.
  11. Harpies don't even want us getting close to them, much less riding on their backs...or I guess shoulders.
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