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Scrapper does nothing better than holosmith now - 25% (+) dmg nerf


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...and holosmith has been receiving nothing but nerfs over the past year. Engineer as a whole is dead now other than superspeed bots - the entire class.

Scrapper now does lower damage than it's ever done in it's entire lifespan. It has lost 5% damage from impact savant, 10% damage on kinetic stabilizers, 10% damage for hammer and lost toughness converted to power. xxx power and 25% damage nerf. WOW! Scrapper damage was OP right? Scrapper also lost it's AOE reveal because who knows why. Why use scrapper now? Superspeed? Yeah, holosmith has an AOE superspeed trait. But holosmith is also gutted. And core is garbage. Engineer is garbage.

What a balance team. The changes are so unbelievably dumb.

At least give hammer skills a 20% damage buff baseline to compensate.

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incoming to a mail box near you

We welcome all forms of feedback, both positive and negative, as long as it is respectful and constructive. We have removed your comments because they did not meet this standard. You may re-post your feedback if you can do so in a respectful, constructive manner. Want to know how to give good feedback? Please read this post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/317/how-to-give-good-feedback Thanks for your understanding.

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@EnderzShadow.2506 said:Power buildsSupport BuildsEngies/condi engiesHolos in every game modeOne broad swipe.

I thought ANET's new way of balancing was to shave, here and there.This patch is a machete.

Scourge and Firebrand, how long have they been meta in pvp?

I don't think even a machete would be enough to nerf Scourges at this point :DI'm telling myself Anet is just gearing up for that monumental task. As for Engineers, I'm pretty sure Scrappers will go into the attic for now.

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The thing that irks me the most is that, if you take all of the DPS traits, then they don't work anymore. The balancing factor was supposed to be Objects In Motion, which can grant you a 15% damage bonus if you have swiftness, stability, and superspeed. The problem is... how do you get them? The hammer DPS build runs grenade kit, rifle turret, shredder gyro, and supply crate. This comes with the traits of Applied Force, Objects in Motion, and Mass Momentum.

With this setup, you'll get 5 seconds of superspeed from Rocket Charge, and then... that's it. Suerspeed isn't a boon; it doesn't stack and the duration doesn't increase. So really, the damage buff lasts until rocket charge is done, and then maybe a toolbelt skill. You can blow up the rifle turret, but then you lose damage from the rifle turret, and the time it takes to place the turret and blow it up isn't worth the temporary 5% buff. This leaves you with no way to get superspeed reliably.

Stability is the next one. If you blow the function gyro, you get 3 seconds of stability. And then... that's it. You can try to use utilities in order to compensate for this, but because Stability stacks in intensity you can't maintain it. Swiftness is the last one, and again there's no real way to stack it. If you have a blast finisher in a lightning field somehow you'll get swiftness. Thankfully, swiftness is usually given out by other players, so realistically you'll have a lot of swiftness on you.

There's not much negotiation there, either. The only free trait is the adept tier, where all of the traits are equally bad. You can trade self-might and stability for a bit more superspeed after shredder gyro (ironically after you use a DPS skill). That is best for maximizing Objects in Motion, but also it isn't as good for self buffing. The lightning field trait is really bad, both because the only finisher worth anything is the leap finisher, and also because lightning fields are rare, and yours will be constantly overwritten by other players. At least Mass Momentum is good with Elixir U. You won't get much swiftness from Firearms or Explosives, and taking another trait line defeats the purpose of maximizing damage.

DPS scrapper is in this weird place where their DPS traits don't cooperate with one another. Objects in Motion demands you take the non-DPS traits to get it to work. Applied Force with Mass Momentum is basically "Buff Elixir U."

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