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any zerk guard roaming tips?


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@Gop.8713 said:I started in wvw on zerk guard and it's def viable and dies a lot, so you should be good :)

hehe i sometimes command on zerk guard; but i'm not really good at roaming. i mean, with team mates; zerk feels like minstrel sometimes. just don't know the skills used for roming. but i don't really got a lot of stats in my toon just minstrel/zerk/cele. so thinking; why not do a it's either i push you die; or i push you kill me. >3<

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@L A T I O N.8923 said:I mean, with meditations you should be either be oneshotted or live

this is what i'm doing right now. kind of fun. :)> @Justine.6351 said:

My tip is to get mara gear. I cheat I know.

yes. :) you''re cheating. > @"HazyDaisy.4107" said:

I dabbled with a partial zerk / partial cruisaders DH a few months back and had moderate luck. But, I haven't revised since the last 2 rounds of "balance".

i see. :)

just hoping for all zerks builds. it's not really to own the world just so i have something to do before wvw raid and i find solo roaming fun, when in our down time

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