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Game is chrashing on startup, even after a reinstall

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Not really sure what to do--> Crash <--Exception: c000001dApp: Gw2-64.exePid: 11908BaseAddr: 00007FF70B390000ProgramId: 101Build: 97999Module: d3d9.dllWhen: 2019-07-28T16:54:58Z 2019-07-28T18:54:58+02:00Uptime: 0 days 2:18:59Flags: 0

--> System <--Name: ed1e302fIpAddr: 8 [GenuineIntel:6:12:3]OSVersion: Windows 10.0 (64 bit)

--> System Memory <--Physical: 18923MB/24514MB 77%Paged: 21886MB/28098MB 77%Virtual: 134174909MB/134217727MB 3%Load: 22%CommitTotal: 6211MBCommitLimit: 28098MBCommitPeak: 10150MBSystemCache: 13887MBHandleCount: 74027ProcessCount: 175ThreadCount: 2250

--> Process Memory <--Private: 1494MBWorkingSet: 1163MBPeakWorkingSet: 1163MBPageFaults: 347918143

--> Memory Category Usage (Inclusive) <--[Category] [size(MB)] [Count]Root 457.60 277894Programmer Data 362.97 150180VRAM 257.35 20756Game 233.83 122520Content 211.88 27941VRAM - Gr Postproc 124.71 17Collections 80.21 480Dictionary 80.10 155Uncategorized 68.43 126678VRAM - Composite Tex 54.66 41VRAM - DDI Shader 32.78 19104VRAM - DirectX Geo Buffers 30.56 1520I/O 27.46 1830Archive 26.16 1395Art Assets 19.75 281Character Models 18.19 71Composite Models 18.19 71Composite Tex Pool 17.84 42Composite Tex 17.84 42Engine 16.36 24395Composite 11.51 1752VRAM - Cinema Tex 9.56 38Audio 8.11 428Audio FMOD 8.05 345

--> Memory Category Usage (Exclusive) <--[Category] [size(MB)] [Count]Content 211.88 27941VRAM - Gr Postproc 124.71 17Dictionary 80.10 155Uncategorized 68.43 126678VRAM - Composite Tex 54.66 41VRAM - DDI Shader 32.78 19104VRAM - DirectX Geo Buffers 30.56 1520Archive 26.16 1395Composite Tex Pool 17.84 42Composite 11.51 1752VRAM - Cinema Tex 9.56 38Audio FMOD 8.05 345Collide Havok 6.45 755Game 4.97 31778Text 4.46 354Debugging 4.00 2VRAM - Gr Texture 3.56 26Gr Material 3.38 19420Gr 3.04 129File Service 1.24 12VRAM - Instance Buffers 1.00 1Game Animation 1.00 60687Uncategorized Tex 0.99 23Gr Umbra 0.62 12

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@Nokomis.5076 said:You're using any kind of shader/exploiter which is in need of d3d9.dll.

Remove that file and try to check, if your game runs vanilla. Maybe the shader/whatsoever is outdated.

The issue right now is that that's the crash dump I got after I did a fresh reinstall of the game, nothing was left of the old install. I haven't had shaders installed for GW2 for years

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@"Aaralyna.3104" said:https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3183922/how-to-temporarily-prevent-a-windows-update-from-reinstalling-in-windo

Here you can find to stop an update from installing and returning every time to be installed.

Source: Windows themselves.

For info - when I allowed the update to install for the second time, things got even worse - couldn't launch the game at all without a crash.

HOWEVER. I normally run Comodo Firewall, and I noticed that THAT was also glitching regularly between claiming to be working fine and some fault state that wasn't letting any traffic through (cause or effect? it wasn't obvious). But having (temporarily or otherwise) uninstalled that, suddenly things seem to be working smoothly again, and I'm at least back in game.

Although for some reason the launcher now triggers an account control prompt every time I run it. ((And... now that's cleared as well. Weird.))

(Hmm. I did nothing to re-engage the WIn 10 firewall, and it's definitely running, so it seems likely that my machine was trying to run with both active - which is probably not a great idea... I wonder whether the Windows update simply turned the default one back on without telling me? Must go back and try with Comodo on and the Windows one turned off, when I have a few minutes...)

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