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NA server to EU

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Severall possibilities:

  • you have a free transfer from upgrading F2P with an expansion, you can use it to transfer all you have
  • you pay for a transfer as @Linken.6345 - said, you transfer all you have
  • you put all you not soulboud items in you bank and delete all chars (and their inv and extra-pocketslots (but put your extra backpacks in the bank!) and age), you can transfer for free, you keep you bank- and wallet-content (e.g. gold) and everything unlocked for your account
  • you start a fresh F2P on the EU server of your wish (you keep only the experiences in your head, but of course can always play in NA with your old account)
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You keep everything on your account if you move from NA to EU (or vice versa). However, the price depends on your situation. One price is losing all your characters.

1: If you are F2P you can upgrade to a paying customer by buying one of the expansions. This also gives you a single free transfer.2: You pay the gems needed to transfer as a paying customer.3: Delete all your characters (and put anything valuable that is not soulbound in your bank). The transfer is once again free and everything in your bank is moved. Your characternames are reserved for 24 hours for you.

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