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[Suggestion] Rework Norn Elite skills & Shapeshifting

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  1. Make Norn racial skills "Roars" adding a slight boon for a short time, for example bleeding for one roar, confusion for another etc. Take away the compleatly useless set of skills and the shapeshifting linked to the elite skills all together.
  2. Make the Shapeshift purely aestetic, working like a combat tonic. In character creation u can choose ONE totem animal - the one u can shift Into. Touch up the look of the shapeshifted Norns a bit. Give then tiny bits of armours and give the details some love. Make them look awsome! This is like having an beast outfit that u can change to, changing the colors of the small armour pieces.
  3. This will hopefully make some more ppl wanna run around in beast form.

What do u think? Hit thumb if u like it!

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I agree 100% that shapeshifting should be purely aesthetic, since it was supposed to be a fundamental part of the norn design, and your choice of race is supposed to be primarily aesthetic. Similar to what you suggest, I would make it part of character creation (which makes this hard to implement retrospectively) with customisation options, and have a toggle that triggers it either when entering combat, or all the time (or never if you toggle it off).

For the skills, they could keep their current functionality but not their visual effects, and be renamed Ursan Blessing, Volfen Blessing, etc. like their counterparts in GW1.

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Just make them cosmetic with better graphics that changes the head,torso and arms like in the artworks basically like special armor equip without removing all of the armor so it can be used and add some difference to the norn. Random trigger when you get some boons with some cd, when you go into modes like Rampage, Shroud, Berserk you get new and there is your RPG Norn stuff.https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/File:%22Jora%22_concept_art.jpg

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