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  1. I noticed that without hammer, the spec don't have much else to offer beside utilities and F5. Tempest have overload, Weaver have dual skills on other weapons
  2. You still can dance with weapon, go into first person camera with weapon drawn then dance
  3. Saw a chat say buying gifts long time ago which got me wonder how do you sell account bound items for gold? I'd love to know so i can help my friend make a gen2 legendary!
  4. This idea have been brought up so many times now (but not as much as pvp duel) iirc, not many like that idea or many do, idk it just a balancing nightmare
  5. EH even if its melee, its gonna have many AoE skills which are what i prefer over single target in WvW
  6. Yea..i have to disagree on DnD, GW2 is not DnD and if Mesmer can shoot laser beam with greatsword, Ele should have no problem utilize hammer to fit their need
  7. I reget giving my boring Human 500 in Artifacer and Tailor before deleteing, now im too lazy to grind back again on alt, just gonna switch discipline on my main even if it cost 50 silver every time
  8. An entirely new class or an new way to play my favorite class? I go with the latter
  9. Yah i was joking, many wanted outfits to be customizable, wonder how outfit like wedding dress can be customized
  10. Least you can buy them without paying actual money, ESO on the other hand.... Also i joinedthe game late but still managed to bought LW 2 using my gold and that was when exchange rate shoot up Anet should have been clearer on the purchase page but their options r fair Edit: also what other game would give? I only know ESO which is close to GW2 in living world story update
  11. Combat does not make gw2 casual, things that Randulf.7614 mentioned are. If you r having problems, buy Dire sets (they r quite cheap) or get vitality on your stats, you deal less damage but can easily stay alive
  12. Just do like what ESO did by transmuting your armor to any skin you want regardless of weight. I don't agree with removing enitrely because of defense bonus depend on weight, its small but its there. Or Spend gems to get heavy outfit for your mage 😛
  13. I do hope the animation are just placeholder same for Harbinger's Elixir that will get improvement on the final product
  14. Because it has been talked to dead with neither party agreeing, atleast with swimsuit you get a good laugh out of it and there only 1-2 swimsuit request but this dueling request resurface more than other, so....yeah i can say my feeling hoping for this to end but eh its all for naught Edit: oh and the post like "rise in player" die out but this keep going and going
  15. Any reason this post still going? the People that dislike duel outnumber the People that don't and even the dev have made an decision regarding this. Why does this need to continue again? Why waste everyone time? Obviously i zoned out and didn't bother reading anymore but seeing it pop on first page again and again with same old tired argument, really annoying since there are more important things to discuss
  16. I think that person won't do achievements or cats collection, sad really.
  17. This remind me of a reddit post, imagine boasting a feature that other mmo already have, GW2 would get laughed out of the room until it show how mounts can be improved, i'm holding the same hope for fishing since i never touch it in other mmo. In the end, you don't like fishing but other do
  18. I like hearts as long as they don't progress too slow or a requirement for mastery crafting (this is why i push Vision down to the bottom of my list)
  19. I laugh at people hoping for " A new class" and "Vertical progression" Apparently they don't consider elite spec as new class, which got me wonder how are they gonna add a new class without making it feel like an espec Vertical progression? People wanting this mmo to be like other mmo thinking that will save the mmo (remember ascended release?) Also Housing? At this point you just want things that suit you and not everyone else because apparently fishing is bad but housing is ok, to whom? You and only you And another thing, you still don't understand what an expansion is.
  20. Gotta love people saying they dislike this parts but refuse to elaborate WHY they dislike this part, nobody have the patience nor foresight to figure out what you mean
  21. Already disliked Cantha with all the excessive requests to go back there to a point of Norn/Charr story being scrapped (I'm still sour about IBS, Anet) So I expect Sci-fi in there to keep me interested
  22. Should have add making legendaries because that the only thing keeping me busy until EoD drop Edit: well this is embarrassing, didn't know there was already a post
  23. to be frank, after seeing a post wanting Mastery Points to be purchasable, i rather Gen 3 be account bound, what gonna stop people from making thread request X be purchasable when a content meant to be time/g sink can be skipped? The "i dont have the time" or "it support anet so win-win" really don't look far into the future. It's a stretch i know but something im very concerned
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