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[Video] Illusion of POG - Power Mirage PvP Roaming

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@apharma.3741 said:Forgot the link, gg. Nice video as always.

big thx <3

@"Leonidrex.5649" said:devs saw your video, rip Illusion of Life xd

haha i hope werent my vids causing that but i doubt anet is watching pvp vids… and if yes than not mine... its most likely wvw based just that, as often with anets balance ideas, the planned changes just kill it in pvp for wvw purposes without even solving the problems it might causes in bigger zergfights. if any change iol does need than the elimination of the 3 secs invuln after rally.in pvp iol doesnt need any changes (aside from the invuln thing maybe, but even with that you hardly can call it op), it barely gets used in pvp atm, has a very high skill ceiling and can be countered well in most situations and back then in core days when it was meta in high lvl pvp gameplay in nearly its current state no one ever considered it op in pvp. dunno why after portal anet will kill another high skill ceiling utility allows a different and more supportive playstyle... well i already made a longass wall of text post in the "potential future balance changes" thread in professions about that prob no one will read either…time to get carried by signet of illusion i guess

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