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My idea for redesign minions.


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I see a lot of people running minion-master, but I think minions are more something that will draw agro from a player and nothing more.So, first thing I would change is powering minions by life force. In exchange for more powerful and useful minions, you have to pay with your life force. This is something like Revenant's energy based skills. Each minion would have it's cost with X life force per second.Minion's skills (these after summon) would turn into commands, that would cause your minion to destroy itself and do damage/inflict conditions.

  • Blood Fiend — Minion will steal more health from bleeding foes and commanding it to destroy itself would cause minion to siphon large amount of health in aoe effect (more targets = more healing, no targets = base healing). Minion dies.
  • Bone Fiend — Every attack will inflict additional bleeding. Command your minion to move to the selected target, immobilize and deal suicidal attack (moderate damage, bleeding).
  • Bone Minions — This skill has 2 counts now. After summoning, Bone Minion would immediately go to the selected target and explode. Creates additional poison field.
  • Flesh Wurm — Every attack inflicts additional vulnerability. Command your minion to burrow itself, move to the target area and leave an area that corrupts boons (1 boon per pulse — 3 pulses). Minion dies.
  • Shadow Fiend — Minion will inflict torment on every attack instead of dealing power-dmg. Command it to transfer conditions from master, destroy itself and make nearby foes flee in terror (1s fear and 0,5s for every transefered condition. Condition threshold: 3)
  • Flesh Golem — Greatly increased damage. Every attack will inflict weakness instead of cripple. Command your minion to taunt foes and then explode itself knocking back enemies in short range, dealing heavy damage.

So... lets explain it.Blood Fiend currently heals for around 1k hp per 3 seconds. It's OK, but I think doing a combo with Bone Fiend (which inflict bleeding) would make it more powerful. Necro should have better heals. Healing for 3-4h if you have 18-20k hp feels like nothing.Flesh Golem has strong CC, but with these changes it would have 2x CC - taunt and knockback.Bone minions needs an effect after they explode, so creating a combo field would boost e.g. Flesh Wurm's and Bone Fiend's attacks (combo finisher: projectile).Shadow Fiend should torment people (because of haunting), not beating them to death. It's a shadow.

After you run out of life force, your minions just die (no effects).Getting out of combat would change "command" skills into "hide your minion".

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Honestly, I'd prefer minions to be buffed, interesting and temporary, than the same using LF.With faster cast too. Then, you pop your minion when you need it, and at the end of their duration/when they die (the first happening), they explode with an effect similar to Death Nova/Some variations like things mentioned in the first post/etc. With the above limitations, we can also make boosts that were in Death Magic baseline (the Death nova, in the previous sentence, but also boosts to damage / hp) and get a really cool minion trait (or two for variety, two is ok, as long as minors aren't minions traits too, 'cause this is a bit much) and other useful things in place of the minions traits we currently have.

But the chances of something like that happening are really really low.

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I do agree with derd, making all minion suicide on active skill won't do anything. If you want to fix active skills, a good first step would be something like that:

Minion's active skills now scale on the necromancer's stats.

I might be wrong but to my knowledge, ranger's spirit active skills scale on the ranger's stat so this shouldn't be an impossible task to have the same done for the necromancer's minions' active skills. This would be enough to make bone minions infinitely more valuable than they are right now (which isn't difficult) while the others would all also benefit in their own right albeit a lot less than bone minions who are just in the trash bin right now.

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Any rework that don't involve Core Necromancer Shroud interacting with minions is not thorough enough.

Core Necro should have minions baked into the skills so you can interact with minions while under shroud (since utilities are locked out), and making Death Nova a powerful Core Necro trait.

Examples:Shroud 1 (Life Blast) retargets minions to your current target. Similar to the Attack function for ranger.Shroud 2 (Dark Path -> Dark Pursuit) as before, but 2nd cast spawns a Shadow Fiend, then instructs all Shadow Fiends to use Haunt. CD penalty increased on 2nd skill from 8 -> 12 (50% more).Shroud 4 (Life Transfer) damage reduced, summons up to 2 Blood Fiends over channel duration. They will strike the nearest enemy to siphon for you.Shroud 5 (Tainted Shackles) as before, but on final pulse spawn 1 bone minion per enemy hit (max 5).

Now Death Magic is an immensely useful traitline for core necro, without directly boosting their damage or conditions, and Death Nova becomes viable without having to be a Reaper for Rise!

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