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(Character Creation) Rytlock Brimstone Sliders?

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Hi guys

I know that specific characters have unique sliders and aren't available for the player.But is there anyone out there who can provide sliders to a Rytlock Brimstone lookalike, even if it's not a 100% match?I've been trying to figure it out for the past 3 months, sadly with no results in sight.

I'd appreciate any help that I can get.Thank you very much.


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@"Trise.2865" said:The fur pattern and coloration will be tricky, but there is a Rytlock look-alike among the Male Charr faces, on the bottom-right. The main issue is Rytlock's big nose; you won't be able to make your nose that big.

Thank you, it's something I noticed too 3 months ago.But that is all right.His hairstyle is unique too, so I'll probably settle with another one that's similar.Does anyone else got more addition to the sliders?

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@"Heartless.7598", I tried to recreate him for you. The body is my own Charr's, you will have to pick a fuller, more muscular one. The red hair color is not available and the nose isn't either with the rest of the features being as similar as possible. You can't have the beard and eyebrows in combination with that face, either.

You can work out a few more details, if you have the time:








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Can't actually get access ingame but I believe there is a face model just like Rytlock's. I'll edit as soon as I could log in and get a screen. And no, the face shown here is not it because there's this rtype of "beard" missing on the sides.

Edit for picture: DCrCX6P.pngFace sliders and hair might not be accurate because I just wanted to get a face screen quickly.

Original render for referrence: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/e/e3/Rytlock_render.jpg

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@"Cynder.2509" said:And no, the face shown here is not it because there's this rtype of "beard" missing on the sides.

Of course it's not! I was demonstrating that you can't get it 100% right because you can't get all the combined features required. There is no face like Rytlock's in-game. Of course, if the beard is your main focus, you might want to pick a different one, but there will be too much additional stuff there that doesn't fit.

I have the one with the goatee that you might be referring to, and it looks like the most handsome Charr ever, not like beasty, intimadating old Rytlock with his giant teeth etc. The face I picked it closest to Rytlock Brimstone's. The only things missing are what I listed in my previous post.

Edit: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/6/67/Rytlock_Brimstone.jpg

If you meant the very last one with the bushy eyesbrows and beard, the shape of the head (cheeks, yaw) and the underbite don't fit:qCEeIRN.jpg

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