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We NEED a Map-Wide Announcement for Meta Events (LW5 Map)


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I'm greatly enjoying the the content that's in LW5, but there needs to be some way to tell the entire map that certain events are going on, or give some events a larger detection radius. I know there's a board that tells you when each event is going (which is pretty darn immersive btw) but that board is written in Tyria time and not everyone goes to read the board because they are preoccupied with other events. Other than that, LW5 has been great and I'm looking forward to next episode!

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@Psientist.6437 said:The audio announcement and the event board are a nice touch. Is there a way to set the clock to Tyrian time? I couldn't figure out how.

Timer bar is up an running on the gw2 wiki event timers page (at the bottom)

@Jayden Reese.9542 said:it's 40 past and 10 past basically. The escort begins a bit sooner but you won't miss much with the 40/10

Unfortunately the Ooze pit one starts as soon as the groups are full, so if there's enough ppl already waiting there to sign up, then the event will start immediately, so 5 mins early.... :/ needs a wait timer on it to be fair....

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Here is a conversion chart, short of having a in game clock.

Each Tyrian hour is 5 minutes of our time. So...

Tyria, Earth (x being any EVEN UTC hour, convert right column to your timezone).00:00, x+0:0001:00, x+0:0502:00, x+0:1003:00, x+0:1504:00, x+0:2005:00, x+0:2506:00, x+0:3007:00, x+0:3508:00, x+0:4009:00, x+0:4510:00, x+0:5011:00, x+0:5512:00, x+1:0013:00, x+1:0514:00, x+1:1015:00, x+1:1516:00, x+1:2017:00, x+1:2518:00, x+1:3019:00, x+1:3520:00, x+1:4021:00, x+1:4522:00, x+1:5023:00, x+1:55

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