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How it really feels to be underpowered

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So, I'm helping my wife get her Skyscale, and I brought all her characters to Domain of Kourna to start farming the hearts there. Including her lvl 68 ranger... with some of her gear at lvl 35-55...

The experience was amusing indeed. In Arkjok ward, the poor girl cant even use the torch to burn the infected crops, since they are immune to such low power conditions!

The lvl 80 critter rats in the same heart take some 4-5 greatsword swings to finish off!

It's actually quite fun to do the pirate supply shooting since you cannot afford to get attacked!

It turned out to be an amazing roleplaying experience, really, feeling like a Gavroche character in a great war!

If I get the time, Ill try to roleplay some other events, If I can find them. Ideas?

Ww2 like "tear down propaganda poster and run" at the Astralarium and sneaking around the prison due south? Sorting artifacts, motivating troops and fishing up in Thunderhead...

It truly refreshed the playing experience for the day :)

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@"Just a flesh wound.3589" said:When you get some spare time take her ranger to HoT and introduce it to some Pocket Raptors. You can rollplay Jurassic Park there.

Pact scout at entrance to Verdant brink:

"So, suddenly this kid runs up from the passage, with a very worried looking bear behind her, and before I can say anything, she runs down the slope... yelling something about " Clever girls!" Poor kid..."

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