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Reaping glyph feedback and question

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So feedback wise, I acquired a skyscale Hatchling Harvesting Tool, with the glyph of Reaping, exclusively for its gathering within 900 units in a family members home instance. It was very nice while it was working, kudos on that. The home instance is one of the very FEW areas in which its of benefit, and it does a good job at cutting down time requirement on chopping down all the trees and whatnot in there. It seems to have very limited functionality in the open world unless its range is buffed up significantly, or it hits other node types or something because out side of hidden flax or potato areas it pretty much will only hit 1-2 things at a time which means you are almost always better off with a different glyph . But anyway, that's it for feedback, my question is at the end.

As you know, some time ago the Glyph of reaping was hit with a change. "Disabled the Glyph of Reaping in instances for players who are not instance owners." And it was claimed this was temporary and would be fixed on the 17th. However, the 17th rolls around and its still not working in Home Instances. I know I know, its because of "an exploit that players were using", I get that. However I was under the impression that on the 17th that it would be fixed in a way that the exploit was not possible while the Glyph of reaping would once again work in home instances.

Now I'm a patient person so I don't mind waiting another month or three for a fix, but I also expect that if I keep quiet and a fix never comes that after six months that Support will just say I lost my chance to have anything done about it. So I contacted GW2 Support to see if this was a permanent change because if it is permanent it's a significant issue and I'd like it refunded, and the response I got was "Unfortunately, us here in customer service have no information on if the change will be permanent or not. In order to find out more information about that, I would direct you to our forums where the dev team is very active and constantly reading player feedback." Yes, I know it seems silly, it feels a lot like a child asking dad about something and they brush it off by directing you to mom, and I don't like it any better then you but anyway...

My Question and the big reason support directed here is, Is the glyph of reaping being disabled in home instances of players who are not the instance owners permanent or are you currently working on a solution that will (however slowly but surely) safely re-enable Reaping glyphs in home instances for non-instance owners?

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They have effectively nerfed the usefulness of the glyph. Their "fix" is not a good one. Home instance sharing is extremely common. They should revisit this fix but I doubt they will. I was holding out hope that we might get a dev response to any of the several threads in the bug reports forum, but 10 days later I suspect they have moved on. The only recourse may be to request a refund. It's very disappointing.

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So in the last week i've been in touch with the always awesome support teams, and discussed this issue in some detail with them.

It was my understanding (and, i assume most people's) at first that the bug fix was to prevent visitors from looting the new ascended harvesting nodes in home instances.

Arenanet corrected me by pointing out that the bug, as they deem it, is ACTUALLY that you can use the glyph as a visitor in home instances at all.

So reportedly the glyph is now working as originally intended.

Despite a fairly sustained, but always polite discourse with the support teams, they are unable to commit to any changes, and urged me several times to post here, assuring me that the devs, even if they do not respond, will consider feedback.

I truly hope so guys - i'm relying on you now!

I'm in a similar situation to the OP - my partner and i both bought three sets of skyscale tools so we could use reaping in my home instance.

We bought one set when it first came out some months ago, and two more when they came back during the anniversary event.

I'm not going to ask for a bug fix, because apparently this isn't one, but instead ask for an ENHANCEMENT to be made to how this (these?) items work.

The glyph of reaping should be enhanced so that visitors to home instances can use it to harvest unique, non personalised nodes (i.e. ascended nodes). As a very minimum re-enable it for wood and ore!

A few points to consider:

  1. It makes no sense as a design decision to argue that someone would decide to opt IN to saying a glyph of reaping, when the BIGGEST clusters of nodes are in home instances, should be disabled for guests. What I've been told doesn't feel right, so I'm wondering if there's some loss in translation internally with the feedback i received. I also think it's not unreasonable that the design decision to introduce glyphs mightn't have come from some 12 months earlier to glyphs when there were several posts on the subject of convenience or improvements to speed of harvesting, of which home instances were a frequent point of discussion.

  2. The decision to disable the sharing of nodes in home instances goes firmly against the design philosophy of Arenanet and bringing players together and doing things together. Looting the instance with my partner is one of our daily routines. I'm upset at her frustration and anger at the change, and our mutual loss in a pleasant daily routine resulting from this change.

  3. If you never intended for the glyph to work this way it should have been CLEAR from the FIRST time it launched that it was bugged, and not waited until the second round in the gemstore, and further sale purchases, before it was "fixed". Again, this doesn't sound like it was a bug until someone reclassified it as a bug. It feels like this was the "easier" way to fix it?

  4. I have zero doubt Arenanet will continue to receive tickets about this item from future players who buy these tools for the same purpose we did, and are unaware of this poorly documented feature. All those players will have a possibly gemstore experience turned into a bad experience of Arenanet. Prevent all those bad experiences by fixing this decision.

  5. Asking for refunds on the tools in this case is a really bitter pill. My partner has enough nodes she gets SOME benefit from it, but not full benefit. Why be forced to have this choice, or to spend over a thousand gold to have her own instance?

For these reasons and I'm sure more, I urge you to revisit this point and to deliver something that will continue to be a positive user experience going forward, rather than a cause of stress and frustration.

While I'm asking some questions of Arenanet above, let me be clear I mean no disrespect to anyone - communication errors happen, (I deal with such things daily), and it just feels like this might be one.

I appreciate it's unlikely, but any comment from Arenanet that you might consider at least looking at this again would be hugely, greatly appreciated.

Thank you, and thanks to the support guys also for their input and time to answer my equally long messages to them!

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:I'm sure new purchasers who are dissatisfied will be offered the option of a refund, just as I was with a Gathering Tool I didn't care for.

As long, of course, it's within the 2-4 week (or whatever current time period) refund period.

So, that should not be an issue.

Regardless, good luck on the Gathering Tool Glyph request.

Thanks Inculpatus! I never cease to be in awe that every time I've ever been on here, you're always about with helpful or supportive comments. I applaud your commitment and resilience to the community! =)

I honestly wish a refund option would make me feel better about the situation though... as it stands, i'll keep holding out hope for a change :)

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To be honest, I had such bad experiences with issues like this, that I have taken my loss and moved on.It's Bait n Switch, plain and simple... Get them to buy... change the conditions because "it was a bug" and then tell them refunds are not possible due to the amount of pleasure had from this tool.

Outside home instances, this tool had very limited use cases. Only very close gardens.Take for example the Flax garden in Tangled Depths... 4 sweaps for 8 nodes... I replaced my Glyph of Industry for that? Nope.Draconis Mons, VERY close together 10 nodes, this piece of *** can't even grab THAT in a single sweep... Pathetic...The minute there is a slight elevation between the nodes... it refuses to grab them.

Did they propose a solution, by for example slightly extending the range to make it useful outside home instances? Nope!

You lost my faith in Gemstore Purchases. From now on, I am screenshotting the description of every single tool I buy and the second you change it again on us... I will not ask... but demand an immediate refundBut you already lost income due to me second-guessing the tools you offer. That is the direct result of your actions.

Theft... pure theft...

Shame on you Anet... Deeply disgusted with this way of doing business.

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They have Denied my refund request, and have denied an exchange for a different tool or glyph or other form of reimbursement.

Although, I should mention, I acquired the skyscale hatchling tool during the first promotion for it on the gem store, not on its return just before its nerf, so I had use out of it for a bit over a month before it was disabled. They said "many factors come into play when determining if a refund is possible, the initial purchase date plays a big role in it.".

Apparently they also refuse to accept criticisms sent via postcard. Instead they pointed out that I should leave them here on the forums... The same here where they said I should go to for answers about my original post that no employees seem to have responded to (yet). A very unsatisfactory and shady solution which I am disgusted with.

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@Linken.6345 said:

@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:It's probably determined by how long the player has had the item. Usually, the refund period is 30 days, but sometimes, more or less.

Yea thats for a normal refund but they totaly changed the functionality on it its pretty useless anywere else then home instance and guild halls.

But if they had for long enough period they got enough value out of it.

I do think that they could offer players who purchased the glyph prior to it being changed but too far back to get a refund the option to switch to a different glyph of the same cost. That gives ANet a way to please everyone without setting a bad precedent - same cost and same function.

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Anet has told me no in every way possible. Even telling me they don't refund due to a bug issue of the item, which is so wrong. I still never got a refund. I did buy them from the gem store. In my opinion, we should have been offered a refund or an exchange if anet knew it would not function in home instance. I am very pissed. I may not buy anything again. Even might be time for a new game.

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