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If you're not playing condition, you have a lot of avoidance/removal of soft CC as well as condition damage reduction altogether.

When Core Revenant is played, you are given the tools to mostly pack a lot of conditions on you for then to be cleansed in one batch from Soothing Stone/Riposting Shadows/Staff and Sigils.

It always felt like Revenant didn't have much but when you look at Warrior and Guardian, they don't have as many more options either, it's the illusion of not having utility or more precisely legend skills that remove conditions which makes Revenant feel weaker.

Interesting facts are Mallyx has been getting proper attention to make it viable with Concentration/Power which is worth having a look at once they fix Hammer skill 2 for quite an interesting resilient set for support to conditions and debuffing.

Anyway, Sigil of Cleansing on Legend Swap if you don't change weapons = 2 conditions every 10 seconds, Escape is another useful one but triggers less often.

@Kravey.4563 said:are you serious? Forcing yourself to play mallyx just for its facet? And pulsating pestilence is just bad

That's completely wrong, it's actually the strongest asset Revenant has against conditions if not counting the Facet. Being able to transfer 3 conditions every 10 seconds per target is almost overpowered because that can result in 15 conditions which is a full 100% cleanse, you probably never played it and assuming from the tooltip alone which is inaccurate. Not a surprise since there's a lot of other skills that suffers from that.

Might as well tell you that Condi Rev is one of the strongest Condi specs out there atm, counters Condi Mirage and Condi Daredevil as well.

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