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PVP is unplayable


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Gw2 Is pretty much dead to me. Until the devs fix this game mode, i cant play this game. Pvp just sucks way too much for me to enjoy. Gw2 had so much potential and the devs completely ruined it. You have to think to yourself sometime if the devs at anet even play the game. Do the devs at anet try out their balancing? With the new balance team, I expect so much from them. If this new balance team doesnt fix pvp, im telling you this game is going to die.

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That depend that player wait from pvp. If you join solo whit same class all time - yes, is should be fail. And this is not great, but it is normal way.Solution: try find team-mate, and change class. Not luck? Again find new team-mate or/and change class. And again. And again. For me is work last 5 years.Also do same prepare for tournaments consta party. And look at ranked-duo like preparation for tournament.

Or do some time break and relax. Some people tied for same action all time and no matter how it is good.

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@Crab Fear.1624 said:We got a pvper as the PvP Chief.

Take a breather, and let's let the man work.

He's made more changes from the time he stepped into the shoes, than the last group did in a 1/2 year, and that was like only 2 weeks or so ago.

I'm pretty sure kittens gonna change.

and he was playing elementalist back to that day so ... he has all my trust tho ! (is that even english ? well I trust him)

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