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Ranged engineer


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The highest dmg skills on rifle are Blunderbuss and Jump Shot. If you fire Blunderbuss from 900 range, you are wasting its damage potential. Jump Shot does both leap and landing damage in a 240 radius. With S/D builds you burst with those rifle skills at the same time you spam your F keys for the discharge. (And you normally take the trait High Caliber that increases your crit chance at 300 and lower.) That is not a ranged playstyle. It is a bit silly that Static Discharge itself has a 1200 range given that engineer's skills and traits tend to be set up to provide bonuses the closer you are.

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engineer ranged dps in WvW

Yes, but not solely range-based.A power-scrapper often takes mortar-kit when no sneak-gyro is required and can pretty nice damage in a zergfight. The main difficulty is aiming around reflects, though. Hammer-5 also helps a bit.Mortar's projectiles are too slow for duals, though, to be used on range. Most roamer-builds with mortar-kit use it in close-combat for ticking freeze and blind. Main damage is still close-combat, though.

Holo-SD variants are the goto builds for range-damage at roaming builds. Some builds use rifle-turret, photon-shield for a maximum of SD-triggers + ranged attacks. These builds are glass canons that can actually down people at 1200 range (great against hunters/thiefs). Other SD-builds (like the metabattle holorifle) use more defensive stats and skills. There you can put ranged pressure, but main dmg-output is in close-combat (rifle3/5,Holomode).These builds are usually unfit for zergs, since most attacks are projectiles that fly strait to the enemy. With mortar you can aim and have a bent, but SD build damage is usually completely blocked/reflected.Well, unless you join a focus-group or target off-position players on your own.

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