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[Solved] Whisper in the Dark: stuck in final mission

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Okay, so I suppose I have to lit all the shrines for the blue barrier to vanish? How am I supposed to do that when I am constantly slowed (chilled) by the dark spirit?

There is also a mysterious bookshelf in the library that can be activates but seemingly does nothing.

Any clues? Some people have finished the episode, so there must be a way through this. ;)

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@Linken.6345 said:Well some shrines give you a glow bubble that warms up while having it.

Okay, still, what am I supposed to do here? (Updated my initial post.) I've been wandering around after the second trial for ages, and I can't figure it out. I'm seeing what I assume is the fraenir, but he always gets away. And the blue barrier won't budge. What's the next step then?

Thanks in advance.

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