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GW2 Companion - The unofficial Guild Wars 2 App


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GW2 Companion - The unofficial Guild Wars 2 App


What is GW2 Companion?

GW2 Companion is a mobile app for Android and iOS that helps you keep track of your account progression and characters, and provides information to help you on your journey in Tyria.

What features does GW2 Companion offer?

  • Add multiple tokens to easily manage multiple accounts
  • Dynamic User Interface, based on the permissions of the token
  • General overview of your account
  • World boss and Meta event timers
  • World boss, Raid and Dungeon progression since the daily or weekly reset
  • Inventory and Equipment of your characters
  • Detailed item information, including TP prices and Infusions/Signets
  • The bank, including shared inventory and full material storage
  • Trading post history and current listing, with full delivery box (gold and items)
  • All achievements with progress
  • Pve, PvP, WvW and Fractal dalies of today and tomorrow
  • Masteries with progress

Why choose GW2 Companion over other GW2 apps?

GW2 Companion offers a very extensive list of features that no other app currently comes close to. Furthermore, GW2 Companion is build on Flutter, and features very high performance, while also having a good looking and clean UI.

GW2 Companion is also completely free, and doesn't feature any kind of ads.

Upcoming features

  • Dark mode
  • Full wardrode (skins and mini's)
  • Full trading post with search
  • WvW and PvP information

    Feel free to request more features below or by sending a mail :)

Where can i get the app?

Android Play Store

Apple App Store

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