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Is there anything in the game I might discard accidentally and never be able to get again?


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I sometimes see items that look valuable that are account bound but I have no use for them. I usually either salvage or destroy them. I am worried that I might toss and item that turns out to be a once per account type thing that I need to a legendary or something. There are a few items that require me to type out the name of the item before destroying it. Is this related at all?

Thank you much for any help!

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Can't think of any sorry, most if not all important items eg. Part of crafting or quest can be reobtained/made available for repurchased from npc incase of eventuality. On the contrary, its the other way round. Players kept getting duplicates or event items are still kept untill, some even after its done. Turning them into junks.

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There are items which you cannot get back if you lose or delete them, mainly ones which come from achievements. However that doesn't necessarily mean you need to keep them forever. If the only unique thing about it is the skin (appearance) you can make sure it's unlocked in the wardrobe and then you can salvage or otherwise get rid of the original item.

If you're not sure check the Wiki. That will tell you where the item comes from (and therefore if it's possible to get another one), what it does and what it's used for. Then you can decide if you want to keep it or not. Or if that doesn't help you could list the items you're not sure about here and we can tell you what they're for and if you need to keep them.

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